Monday, October 28, 2013

Just another monday...

I suppose so, if a person weren't looking at the day to see all the ways that the Lord was working and blessing! Today was another one of those cold, don't want to get out of bed, kind of days. However, our children are of the mind that morning starts as early as possible. Our chickens haven't been laying that many eggs and we had a bit of a dilemma. We had only one egg and today was "pancake day". Scott needed 3 eggs because he does a batch and a half to feed the hungry crew. Thankfully I looked up egg substitutes and it said to mash half a banana for each egg needed. We usually have bananas in the house, so that was another thing to be thankful for! These pancakes turned out to be some of the best ones we've ever had. They were light, fluffy, filling and very flavorful.

I did succumb to laying back down for awhile after breakfast, but thankfully the kids didn't get into too much while I drifted off for a bit:). Elyssia and Garrison even managed to get a fair amount of schoolwork done on their own! I love it when they're motivated to do things like that:). The Lord provided me with more energy in the afternoon and the motivation to bake a few things to go with the supper. We have a fair amount of rhubarb in the freezers, so it was an easy decision to make Rhubarb crumble for dessert and then some rhubarb muffins for breakfast tomorrow. This is one of those months where the sale day is coming about a week later than normal, so we're working to stretch the food to last til the next sale day. It's kind of a fun adventure, but sometimes the kids are less than thrilled at some of the meals or snacks that we end up eating:). I always try to remind them of the children who have far less and how thankful we can be that we get to eat foods that we really enjoy most of the time and have more than enough to fill us up every day!

Tonight Scott got in around supper time and then headed off with the boys to pick up a straw bale from a neighbor. We now have two hay bales, which should last the goats all winter and after this week we'll have two large straw bales too! We're thankful that things are just about ready to move the goats into the barn. It's been a slow process getting the inside of the barn ready because life has been so busy, but it's almost there and after the Remembrance Day service we should be able to relax til Christmas. Scott will have some inside carpentry jobs, but they're independent work, so there's more flexibility.

We had our first little "skiff" of snow yesterday. The kids were so excited and wanted to wear their snowsuits to church. It was cold, but not really enough to warrant that. However, we let them, so as not to dampen their excitement. It's mostly melted today and wasn't quite as cold. It's actually supposed to be fairly nice for a couple days this week.

I think that overall it's been a very good day and I look forward to seeing what the Lord has for us to do during the rest of the week!

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