Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Many Hands "Kinda" Make Light Work...

May is probably going to be one of our busiest months this year. We have company coming almost every week and some are staying for 3-5 days. This weekend we are looking forward to cousins from Alberta and then a family of 9, who are planting a church in Saskatchewan. This week was extra science projects and baking to prepare for the company. I tried to have the kids help with baking, since tomorrow we have a homeschool meeting. We're looking forward to seeing about 14 other families in our area that are homeschoolers. Praying for nice weather, since we're planning to picnic at the park afterwards.

Here are some pictures from our week, so far, plus a surprise visit from Daddy in the grain truck!

Garrison explaining his balloon rocket. Samuel following the tradition of "riding" in the dump truck. Caleb's Porcupine Meatballs were a huge success!

Kiersten bakes a cake and adds the "jam frosting". Addie, the taste tester. Making buns for the visitors.


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