Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I know WHO holds the future...

and I 'm thankful! Yesterday I had a "baby" appointment. The Dr. was pleased that my knee wasn't as bad and said that the baby was measuring a week and a half ahead of schedule. The heartbeat sounded great... Then the news I was hoping I wouldn't have to hear. We have to send you to Saskatoon for delivery... Hmmm... 2 hours in an ambulance to do a normal delivery in the city. They're allowed to do scheduled c-sections, but not normal deliveries. There aren't any nursing staff qualified to work in the delivery room. Then he said, "if you were my sister I would just wait as long as possible to come in. If you are dilated to 5 we will have to deliver here". He's done lots of deliveries in S. Africa, but the regulations are different here in Canada. So, after the initial feeling of wanting to panic and try to plan it all out, I realized that I could just leave it with the Lord. If HE wants me to be in Saskatoon for some reason, perhaps to be a witness to someone, then who am I to get upset about it and try to work around His desires. I'm NOT a city girl, but if I ride in an ambulance then that means we're not trying to drive there ourselves while I'm in labor. If God wants me to deliver in Kindersley then He will help me to go in when I'm past 5. I was at 7 with Kiersten when I went in and that was also a time when they were supposed to be sending me to the city. She was born right where she was supposed to be born. I didn't know that there weren't any delivery nurses on duty for that night, but the Lord did and He made a way for me to deliver close to home. Yes, we do have more children than we did back then, but God also knows that and can make sure that people are in place to help as needed. So, it really seems that it will be another area that we grow in as we trust the Lord. There have been different challenges with each pregnancy, delivery, etc, but God has been with us through them all. He's seen us through extreme nausea, unemployment, moving, church planting, bed rest, one overnight hospital stay for fluids with Addie, doctor shortages, blizzard weather for Addie's birth, etc... We serve a wonderful God and trust that He will work all things together for good:).

So, on to the rest of the day! The kids are already mostly finished with school, which is wonderful! The sun is shining! My knee is feeling quite a bit better, although it aches a lot at night. We're nice and warm and there's plenty to eat in the house:).

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Thank you, Meleah. This post was VERY encouraging. I don't have children, but it still blessed my heart. :) God bless you! I will keep you in prayer. :)

  2. Good grief! They can't force you to stay if you're less than five, right? You could refuse to be admitted and go walk around for a couple of hours! Here I am dreading a thirty minute drive to my hospital ... I'll just be thankful that I won't have to be transported via ambulance for two hours. And I'll be praying for your delivery.