Thursday, November 28, 2013

Still Thankful...

Today is a celebration in the country of my birth. I'll admit that I do find it a bit odd not to be making the big meal and visiting with family over the holidays, but I'm still choosing to be thankful:). We've celebrated both Thanksgivings(Canadian in October) and American in November, but this year is an off year. Scott is working and we have Bible Institute tonight. The kids were satisfied with one celebration, so I settled for calling to talk to my mom and wishing her a Happy Thanksgiving. Here are a list of some of the things I'm thankful for this year:

-My salvation-I don't know where I'd be if it wasn't for the Lord. I'm quite sure I wouldn't be living in Saskatchewan:).

-My wonderful family and the anticipation of a new little one quite soon!

-My church family-They are a wonderful blessing to us!

-The freedom to worship the Lord and Homeschool our children without the threat of persecution.

-A warm house amidst the snow covered surroundings!

-Plenty to eat...

-Gas in our vehicles

-The farm animals that have already taught us a lot of valuable lessons.

-Books to read and the people that invested the time in teaching me to read(primarily my mom:).

-A cancer free diagnosis for my father in law yesterday!!! We're especially thankful for this one!

-A cancer free diagnosis for the Houston's daughter-We've been praying for her:)

-Safe delivery of the Houston's 12th baby! Very excited for them:).

-Safe delivery of a boy for another friend last week.

-Garrison losing his wibbly, wobbly tooth:)

-Indoor plumbing(I really wouldn't enjoy running to the outhouse numerous times each day and night:)

-Chickens that are laying fresh eggs for us each day!

-A friend willing to take me to Saskatoon for my Dr. Appt.

-A sewing machine and the blessing of free scrap fabrics to make things with!

-Lots of warm quilts(we hardly notice that it gets to -15 or so most nights).

-Not having to keep a fire going all winter(although they're nice and cozy sometimes).

-Being able to get around without my knee being so painful now.

-The anticipation of all the family visiting at the end of the month!

-The Joy of Looking Forward To The Return Of My Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

And so much more...

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