Monday, November 25, 2013

My first time...

This was my first year to follow more than one Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Game. Scott usually kept track of how they were doing, but I actually watched almost 1 full game in Alberta:). Last night was The Gray Cup game. We went in for our evening service and the game was just getting started. A couple hours later we were heading home and there was only about 20 minutes left of the game. The Roughriders were leading 31 to 6 and there was a lot of screaming in that stadium. I'm personally glad that I wasn't there since it was a Sunday and also about -20 or colder with the windchill. We let the kids stay up a bit later in order to hear the end of the game and I think Elyssia was the most excited:). Caleb kept asking who won every couple minutes. I'll admit that we were happy the Roughriders won The Gray Cup, but I think most real fans would have been disgusted by our lack of celebration:). We were like, "Yay, it's time for bed now:)." For my American friends and Family reading this-The Gray Cup is the equivalant of the Super Bowl in the States.

I was thinking it over this morning and got to thinking about how so many people say that they're too "reserved" to get excited about the Lord enough to express it. There is just the sitting back and taking it all in at church aspect, but not so much after that. Why are there so many screaming fans at sports events, but so few raising their voices to tell people what the Lord has done for them. Why are we so shy when it comes to the things of the Lord, but not when it comes to talking about the latest sports results? Something for contemplation and prayer. May we get on fire for the Lord and share Him with others before it's too late!

We were truly blessed by the young missionaries at our church yesterday. Their burden for Liberia is strong and we pray that the Lord enables many churches to have the support to give them in order to get them on the field while the harvest is ready. A couple years from now things might not be so open because they'll have the hydro-electric dam working again and with it comes all the modern conveniences and distractions that are found in most other parts of the world too busy for the things of the Lord. Praying for an easy delivery for Jackie and a short deputation...

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