Wednesday, October 26, 2011

36 weeks...

We're in the home stretch now. Garrison was born at 37 weeks and Caleb and Kiersten between 37 and 38. I sure hope this baby doesn't decide that he/she enjoys being inside too much to come out in the next couple weeks. It's been a blessing to deliver early, with each one healthy and quite content to meet the outside world:). Here is a picture Elyssia took of me this morning:

Here are a couple pictures of various family members enjoying our first successful homegrown watermelon:

These last couple pics are just because I thought the girls looked really cute this morning:).

Elyssia was all dressed up to go and play with a friend today and Kiersten wanted to get dressed up too:). She was very sad when they left without her. Thankfully the brothers asked to build a Lego house and included her, which has helped to take her mind off sister being gone.


  1. WOW - Elyssia looks so grown up! And you look beautiful, as always. Where do you hope to deliver? I can't believe how fast the time has gone - it doesn't seem that long ago you couldn't keep anything down! ;-)

    Praying for you all. Much love. xo

  2. I should be able to deliver in Kindersley. We appreciate the prayers. Looking forward to meeting this little one soon:).