Thursday, October 6, 2011


Last night I ended up on the couch. It's getting to that point in the pregnancy where it's hard to get comfortable and two little munchkins making their way into the bed certainly doesn't leave much room for stretching. Soooo, it usually means a better night's sleep. Not so, for last night. I hear little chewing noises. Not. another. mouse! There has been one every night for 6 nights now. I don't know where they're getting in, but I hope we find it soon. I looked around for another sticky trap, but could seem to locate one. I'm not surprised, since we'd already used 5. Well, the Lord helped me to remember where I'd stashed one downstairs and after placing that in the vicinity that I kept hearing the mouse I laid back down and tried to sleep. Thankfully I got about 3 hours. I woke up to hear chewing, but this time it was the mouse trying to get off the sticky trap. Praise the Lord, one less mouse running around!

Another praise is that I called for a Dr. Appt yesterday and actually got an appt for this afternoon. That is unheard of around here. Usually it's at least 6 weeks wait. I missed my last prenatal appt, so wasn't assured of another routine appt. Anyway, the biggest blessing is that my Dr. is back at work. I get to see her and have her deliver:). Sooooo happy about that.

One last note. After making the laundry detergent I decided that baby wipes wouldn't be so hard. They're actually super easy and take so little ingredients, that I should have started years ago. They do feel a bit different than the store ones, but maybe using a little less oil in them would change that. There is also room to experiment with scents, depending on what kind of baby wash I buy. So, another successful experiment and money saver tried and found worth doing long term.

It's test day for Elyssia, so I'd better go and make sure everything is ready downstairs. Praying for a nice day and enjoying the sound of the rain falling outside.

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