Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Unexpected Visitor

This afternoon I opened the door for a bit to let in some fresh air. Apparently that's a bad idea. It also allowed an unexpected visitor to make his way into our house. Not a mouse this time. It was a SNAKE! Now before you totally panic, I'll tell you that it was only a gardener snake(not sure if that's the right spelling). It's been years since I've seen one though and I was walking through the hallway when I saw it move. It went into our bedroom and I headed off to find something to scoop it into. In my younger days I would have picked it up, but I'll admit that I'm a lot more squeamish these days, especially when I'm pregnant. Elyssia was upset that I put it outside. She wanted to keep it and show Scott. I quickly told her no. If she wasn't willing to pick it up, then it definitely wasn't staying.

Our house was quite peaceful today. Scott and Garrison left early this morning to go to Castor for his Grandpa's funeral. Elyssia spent most of the day reading, after she'd completed her schoolwork. Caleb, Kiersten and I went on a LEGO and game pieces treasure hunt. We've been working on it for over a week now. Today it finally paid off. We had at least 6 complete games put together. We had a game night tonight before bed and the older two seemed to really enjoy it. They both won a round of Candy Land. Then I tried playing Mancala with Elyssia. I couldn't remember all the rules, so went online to print them off. We decided to wait for Scott to play that one again. Next it was Richard Scarry's Treasure Hunt. The older two reached the ferry and crossed before I arrived. Then we played Memory. The older two tied, which made them both happy. It seemed to be my night to lose:). I don't mind... Oh, we also tried to play Connect Four. It was Caleb's first time and he refused to let me put my pieces in to block him from getting 4 in a row. That kind of defeated the purpose, so I think I'll play that with Elyssia next time. The LEGO search went quite well. I think that we're still missing 3 or 4 mini figures and a couple accessories, but we've found a couple dozen that were taken apart. A lot had fallen under the beds when the kids fell asleep while playing with them. We also had to find a lot of hands and heads. We have a certain little boy that delights in taking them apart and leaving them that way. We've now resolved to put them up high. I know that he likes to climb, but the idea is that he will now ask to play. We can then play together and put them back when we're done.

They were good little helpers and we managed to keep the house mostly clean, while doing one complete load of laundry. It was a bit cool outside, but sunny and beautiful, making it a really nice day in my book. 3 are in bed and Scott and Garrison should be arriving sometime in the next 30 minutes. Til next time...

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