Sunday, October 2, 2011

More than a month ahead...

Having dual citizenship sometimes means extra perks:). One of those being that we can celebrate Thanksgiving twice: once for the Canadian side and once for the American. The Canadian Thanksgiving celebration is coming up pretty fast. We'll be driving to Alberta after church next week and celebrating with the family the next day. This year I'm thankful to celebrate this one because traveling in November when the baby is due, possibly just born would not by my idea of fun.

Today is the last day of baby"Kiersten" being a one year old. She's proudly saying "two" when we ask her how old she's going to be. Her vocabulary continues to grow daily. This week she was saying "nuggle me?" Or "hold me, I scared", with a super cute scared face. When I asked her why she was scared she said, "Cabub chase me!". She's getting quite good at identifying colors and LOVES to play outside. I'm going to attempt making a "kitty" cake, since those and "buppies" are her favorite animals. I've got some pretty cute pics of her all dressed up for church this morning, but will have to post them when I get home, since I left the camera at the church. A cute story about our "almost 2 year old". We have her cover her eyes when it's time to pray before a meal. She doesn't like holding hands because sometimes the sibling closest to her squeezes too tight. This week when we started to pray she said in a sing songy voice, "pray, pray pray, I pray". She looks at us afterward and says, "I prayed!" In devotions she was the sea captain for Paul and Barnabas on their missionary journey and she said "Drive, drive, drive." Then when Caleb a.k.a. Paul was preaching, she said "I preach, preach, preach:)." I love the age that they discover they can say almost anything. She loves to follow Caleb around saying, "Cabub naughty, no no Cabub". I guess we've used that word a time or two:).

Today we had a special blessing. There is a family that we've been praying for and all except one of them came! The one lady had come 2 weeks ago for the first time and this week she came with her husband, daughter and 2 grandkids:). Our kids really enjoyed playing with them, although Kiersten wasn't sure about sharing the rocking chair and doll. She followed the little girl around saying, "baby!" She was very excited to have someone smaller. We're praising the Lord for answered prayer and it was another example of answered prayer for the kids to remember.
We were also blessed with 3 monster zucchini and 4 dozen eggs. I'll have to post pics of the zucchini before I shred them. They could seriously be used to fend off a bad guy, if nothing else was available:). We're told not to leave our cars unlocked when we go to town in the summer time. You'll come back to a car full of zucchini cause no one else knows what to do with the abundance either:). Thankfully it can be shredded and it freezes well. It can be used to bulk up breads and cookies and I was given a yummy sounding recipe in the same bag, so I'll have to try it sometime soon.

It's almost time to head back for the evening service, so I'd better go for now. Praying all our friends and family have had a nice weekend too.

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