Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mama's Day Out...

This morning I had a rare treat, one that I really don't desire to have very often, but realize can be good for all of us. I had a morning in town without the children. The drive is sooooo quiet without those cheery bickering voices in the backseat:). I had a quick stop for a couple groceries that aren't on my main list for Monday's big grocery day and then went to my hair appointment. It was my first one in about 4 months and I was really overdue for it. It now feels healthier and a bit lighter. After that I had lunch with a friend before heading home. I truly do feel refreshed and was super happy to be greeted by the sight of Scott and Addie waving excitedly at me from the window:).

This morning Kiersten and I taught Addie to do "Ring Around The Rosies". Those two also like the exercise time we have each morning with Scott. It's super cute to see them doing their best to "streeetch" and hop around for the jumping jacks.

It was warmer today and Scott had the afternoon in town. An all around great day!

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  1. You are one mama who deserves more days like this!