Saturday, July 7, 2012


A friend used this word recently, not knowing whether it was really a word, but said that it described all those moments that were truly worth remembering and writing about. I like it and today has been one of those extremely bloggable days:). I will blog it through pictures...

Addy in a box=classic kids toy, free and priceless for the joy it brings:)

Dress up. I guessed a Pilgrim. She said White Ninja. Hmmmm, just a slight difference:).

Just a small sample of what we've been picking the past couple weeks!

What we're working towards as a family...

Scott's 35th Birthday Cake=Our farm, little trees, garden, house, name sign, dream tractor,etc

The Boys Mad Scientist hair:). I'm letting it grow until the Monday before the wedding, then having someone else cut it. This will be the first time for Caleb and the first time that Garrison will actually remember.

Gathering around Daddy to help him open his presents. I let them choose the bags to put his presents in and it looks like Christmas:). They each spent some of the money they've earned to buy him something and they were very excited to give it to him, even though it was before 7 am:). The cake pops are on the left and everyone thought they tasted good.

Other happenings: Call from Preston-It was really nice catching up after his time away. Seems like he's been gone half a year, but it really hasn't been. Looking forward to seeing him at the wedding...

Scott's allergies are getting bad, so I got to mow both sides of the front of our house. Kind of relaxing, since it's the riding one. Too bad I don't burn more calories while I'm doing it:).

Now for the exciting part. I was in the house when I heard the kids yelling for me. One rushed in telling me that Sam found something in the field and was maybe hurt. Daddy told them to come to the house. I ran out to see if he needed help. I got to the garden, but they were about at the edge of our property. I couldn't see what they were fighting, but Scott was moving around, picking up rocks and hurling them at something. This is what it was:

Scott said that the badger was hissing at him and lunging at Sam. He found a rock and threw it, amazed that he hit him the first time:). It stunned the badger and Sam grabbed it to give it the shake treatment. It came out of it's stunned state and tried swiping Sam. Scott was able to another rock to finish it off by the time Sam dropped it. I just have to say that "Badger" on Franklin is quite civilized and kind. Wonder what happened to this one:). Just kidding. I'm thankful that Scott wasn't hurt and that Sam just has a little scratch. Just another day on the farm for those two...

This afternoon Scott went to knock some doors and invite people to come to the tent meeting on the 23rd. After naptime Elyssia and Garrison went outside to play in the sandbox. They quickly ran back inside to tell me that the ants had taken over part of the sandbox. I went out and sure enough discovered that the ants had made a colony, including eggs, which I've never seen before and actually think that it was in the larvae stage. I had the kids get a shovel and quickly proceeded to remove them all. I went through the sandbox and thankfully it was contained to one corner. I dug all the way to the bottom to make sure and we transported it in buckets to a far corner of the property.

The kids had an impromptu picnic supper outside. Elyssia made lemonade and Scott carried out homemade pizza for them. While I was typing Kiersten came up and offered me the topping from her pizza. She has done this before and I don't have a problem eating it. This time, however, I was distracted and I didn't look at it first. I bit into it, chewed a second, then spit it out. I think she dropped it in some sand. Mouthwash!!! Anyway, I'm starting to be wary of gift bearing children:). The other day she offered me her english muffin. I did look at it and quickly asked. Are you giving this to me because you licked off the honey. She replied, "Yep, I did!" Very pleased with herself. Good times...

So, overall it's been "another day on the farm", but one of our most memorable for sure.

Happy Saturday!

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