Sunday, July 1, 2012


I seriously need to come up with another list. It provides inspiration, motivation and it makes me feel more productive:). Not one with a 6 month deadline like the 30 x 30, but something that is equally exciting. Feel free to send me ideas!

In the meantime I'll leave you with some pictures Scott took during our big storm and some cute pictures of the kids(I'm totally biased on the latter statement;).

The tallest tree in the corner was broken in the storm. At least half of it will need to be dragged off at some point...

Rainbow Panoramic Shot

It didn`t take her long to warm up to Grandad.

There`s a classic smile from Addy:).

The kids favorite place to be was in the trailer with Nana! Caleb got to sleep in there for the first time this year. Nana had told him that after he turned 4 he could have a sleepover. Surprisingly enough Grandad said that the 3 kids made less noise than Sam did barking at coyotes outside the trailer.


Kiersten`s first time with 2 braids in her hair.

Just barely long enough.

Today was a pretty good day at church. It`s always a challenge to get back into the routine after we have company. I think the kids are getting more comfortable saying their Bible verse and singing. Elyssia is learning how to stay on key even when her brothers are singing quite a bit lower. They kept together pretty good and I think Elyssia stayed on the right key for 95% of the song. I`m hoping to work on a special to sing with her pretty soon.

Happy Canada Day To All My Canadian Family and Friends!!!

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  1. I've seen a Summer Bucket List around the internet that's pretty neat. One in particular wrote everything down on a poster board (to put it on display in the home). It was color coded. One color for things for the whole family, one for the kids and one for mom and dad to do together.