Saturday, June 30, 2012


THURSDAY NIGHT: Call from Grandad as we're sitting down to supper-"Are you in the driveway, I ask?" Not quite was his reply... Quickly eat supper and last minute pick up. The 7 pm arrival was moved up to 5:30. The kids were SO Excited! Nana soon declared that she couldn't stay away for 3 months anymore. The kids had so many hugs and kisses saved up and so much to tell her that she was going to have many bruises from all the little ones clamoring for her attention:).

FRIDY: The kids and I had fun surprising them with breakfast in the trailer. Scott, Adelaide and I had a relaxing breakfast inside:).

Scott started making chokecherry syrup. I got to help a bit, but mostly focused on getting the lunch together.

After lunch Scott lost a bit of wisdom. His first tooth ever pulled was a big one! He's doing great though and says it wasn't as bad as the root canal..

Naptime was next on the agenda. We definitely earned that one and we slept hard. Before we knew it, it was time for me to head our for my hair cut in town. I took Elyssia and Adelaide and it went well. It's nice to have some of the length taken off every once in awhile. I was also able to schedule an appt for the boys right before we leave for the wedding. It will be Caleb's first time having someone else cut it. Garrison had his done once when he was bout 18 months. I had a coupon for a free haircut and wanted to see what they would do with it. It'll probably get pretty thick in the next couple weeks, but I'm going to leave it alone so that there's more to work with when they go in.

We had a weiner roast for supper, but didn't stay out as long as usual. There was a bit of a rainstorm coming, so we ate and headed back inside to visit. Every 15 minutes or so the kids would ask, "Is it bedtime yet?" They were excited because Grandad and Nana were going to let Elyssia, Garrison and Caleb sleep in the trailer! Bedtime finally arrived and no one protested;). We got a good report about them this morning, which was very nice to hear. Sometimes they goof off at bedtime, but prayers for them to behave were answered and they had a really nice time.

SATURDAY: The kids started off the morning with cocoa in the trailer. Scott fixed pancakes for breakfast so that we could try the new syrup. It's fantastic! I think it's the new favorite around here and that's a good thing because we're going to have close to 2 dozen jars of it once we make up the next batch.

The morning was spent enjoying the last couple hours with Nana and Grandad, a short nap for the little one and prep for lunch. There always seems to be some kind of food prep going on around here.

Anyway, it's a hot one today, so I'm heading off to take a bit of a nap and stay cool.

Have a wonderful Canada Day tomorrow!

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