Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What's a girl to do...

The BIG 30 is rapidly approaching and there was one item that I was finding it difficult to accomplish. Caleb helped me out and here's the proof:

Yes, I rode a horse:). I did not specify in my 30 x 30 that it had to be a real horse, therefore this is as good as it's gonna get;). I have to say that Caleb's horse was very well behaved and smelled quite nice compared to the live variety:). I may be able to ride the real thing later on, but for now-I'm happy to have one less thing on my list. The last 4 should be completed on time. Hope you've enjoyed following the list as much as I've enjoyed completing the goals I set for myself. It has made for a VERY productive and exciting 29th year.


  1. hahaha good thinking! And nice to see a picture of the mama who's usually behind the camera. :)