Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quiet on the posting front...

The rain has stopped and the sun has come to play. We're not spending that much time inside now, once our chores are done. There's a lot of yardwork to be done and I've been helping with lawnmowing-riding and the push one. My face is getting some color to it and it's nice to be helping Scott out a bit when he's so busy. He's finishing up a job at the PFRA during the week and trying to get ahead of the weeds in the garden. Elyssia is turning out to be a really big help this year. The growth of the plants is almost big enough for the kids to see, so it should be easier for the boys to do it, without mistaking the plant for a weed...

Elyssia has read about 30 books since Wednesday! There's no mistaking that she's my child:). Thankfully she's doing a lot of it at nap and bedtime. She's voluntarily writing book reports for the library summer reading program. I think I'll have her do it for the first 2 times, then let her enter as many as she wants. We've definitely earned our set of ice cream, so maybe I'll surprise the kids and stop there on Wednesday:). She's also asking if she can start her 3rd grade work... Hmmm. Guess it's time to start more extracurricular. I thought they'd enjoy having more free time, but they've really taken to the schedule and like to stay busy.

Garrison is coming along pretty good. When I stop in the book he fills in the words I leave out, but still doesn't want to really do it on his own much. We'll keep working on it. He mostly likes to build with LEGO and jump on the trampoline. We're adding memory verses and songs each week and it's exciting to see the kids walking around the house singing the songs or coming to us to let us know that they can say the verse all by themselves.

Caleb is "goose on the loose" with his new bike riding skills. I actually think he's nicer about it than Elyssia was and hasn't really hurt anyone. It's amazing how he can ride that old bike. I think the handlebars are backwards, etc, but he LOVES riding it. He's quick to help at the grocery store and also in unloading things at home. He tries to help in the garden, but we need to get things cleared a bit more so that he can see what to pick.

Kiersten is going through a bit of a fussy stage. We're trying to nip it in the bud, so to speak. She's generally cheerful, but perhaps she's growing and not getting quite enough sleep. She's hungry most of the day, no matter how big the meal. She's constantly asking for "wolk"-milk. We've practised pronunciation, but it always seems to come out that way:) Lately she's says, " I want wolk in a sippy tup!". Most of her speech is quite easy to understand, but she still has about a dozen words that come out funny. I forget that she's still 2 sometimes, due to her massive vocabulary and ability to express how she's feeling.

Adelaide can now crawl from the living room, all the way through the house and to the girls' room in the back of the house. She's quite pleased with herself when she peeks around the door and finds us. She's joined us at the table now and is VERY happy about that. She loves her baby cereal and crackers. She's chewing on whatever she can get her hands on and is growing out of her clothes a bit faster than the other two girls. Scott has taken to calling her Addie McGladdy or Addie McSaddy, depending on her mood. I think it's rather funny now, but I doubt that she will when she gets older:).

Well, there's a ham in the oven and a glaze to be made. I really should head out and tend to that. I'm thinking I'll be eating a bigger portion tonight:).

Happy Saturday!

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