Friday, June 8, 2012

"Now we don't...

have to jump on our beds anymore!" This was Garrison's response when he saw that we'd gotten them a trampoline:). Scott and I tried it out last night and I have to say that there was a lot of laughter goin' on. We might have to make it part of our nightly schedule:). I jumped with the kids quite a bit today before the rain started. It's a pretty good workout! The only downside is the extra mosquito bites:( . We had to make up a couple rules that weren't included in the warning label. Kiersten-No jumping with your diaper falling off:). Caleb-Stop jumping when your pants fall down:). E and G-No laughing when the other two issues happen...

"The Discovery"

Pictures through the mesh are generally awful, but they give you more peace of mind:))).

Someone's almost too big to sit in the sink now!

Today was quite good. We didn't get started on the cleaning part til later in the day, but somehow we managed to get the front of the house done. I'm good with that. There's always tomorrow for straightening up the bedrooms.

I thought I'd include some things that Kiersten said while we were on vacation that made our trip quite memorable. On the first part of the trip she kept saying, "we're going to B.C.". For some reason she'd follow that with "We're all sinners". She was very sincere about it and Scott and I would agree with her. I'm not sure why those two thoughts were running through her head, but it seemed to be the theme with her for our "tacation" as she called it. One night when Elyssia and Caleb were being crabby Caleb told Elyssia, "I don't love you anymore!" Elyssia burst into tears and was devastated. Kiersten looked over at her and said, "God loves you". It's okay, it's okay. Then she turned to Caleb and said, "You're making God sad!". We might have said something similat to this in the past, but it was amazing how our 2 and a half year old was able to say this in the right context. She is very good at expressing herself and this was good for lightening up the mood in the car that night:).

Adelaide is rocking on her hands and knees now. She crawled backwards yesterday and got her back half stuck under the bed. No more books on the floor-She considers them edible:). I'm really hoping her tooth comes through soon, it seems to be causing her quite a bit of pain:(.

Looking around at the clean house gives me a more settled feeling tonight. I left it until today in order to maintain our schedule. There was plenty to keep us busy each day and it would have been overwhelming to push in more.

Our school year officially ended yesterday. Elyssia took her last 3 tests and got 2 hundreds and one 99%! Now we just need to type up the reports we've written for the school board and send them off. It's a wonderful feeling to know that we're done with the required part of the schooling. This summer we're working on cursive, art, and Spanish. Scott is in charge of the last one. Maybe some basic piano and a horseback riding(depending on the one lady's availability).

Less than two weeks til the BIG 30! One more item off the list. 3 left to go. The BBQ is scheduled for the 16th and it won't be hard to stay up til midnight on the 17th. That means I just need to find time to paint the hallway... Hopefully early next week:).

Oh, Scott, Caleb, Kiersten and Adelaide got colds from Elyssia and Garrison. Scott seems to have the worst of it, but he was able to shingle a shed today, so hopefully it'll improve from there. I think Addie's is mostly due to teething, but if it's not, she's been blessed to be well until she got past the 6 month stage.

Guess I'd better head off now. Most of the kids are sleeping and I should probably try to get a good sleep to start off the weekend. Til next time...

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