Thursday, June 14, 2012

Showers of Blessing???

I'd have to say it's all in how ya look at it:).

The culvert took some of it away:

We asked our friends to pray for sunshine and guess what! Out came the sun and dried up (most of the rain)...

I took these after supper tonight. Amazing, eh? Wonderful answer to prayer:).

Today was also baking day and we had lots of experiments. I don't think we'd ever made any of these things before.

We started off with Maple Long Johns. My mother in law sent me the recipe and it's risen to the top of the charts in popularity;)

We made homemade Wheat thins and Graham crackers. Both were very good, but I need to work on rolling them a bit flatter. I put the fork holes in them, but they were still a bit thick.

I had a recipe for "Chew Bars" from my bridal shower that I'd never attempted to make and it caught my eye when I was looking for something new to try. They are delicious! They are definitely going in the regular rotation.

We made Quick homemade root beer too! It doesn't have any caffeine and lacks the "burn" of storebought root beer. Very good taste.

No, she didn't get to drink any. I just thought she made the Root Beer look better:))).

We surprised Scott by making homemade French Fries and Gravy. The kids prefer it with Ketchup, but that's okay.

We finished off the meal with one more experiment. While visiting my brother in law I was given a Lemon Sorbet. Darlene found them at Costco and they were delicious. I thought they wouldn't be too hard to make and I was right! They are definitely worth the work and the wait time...

You'd think I'd be absolutely stuffed after all this, but I'm really not. We just tried a little bit of each thing throughout the day and I'm feeling quite good tonight. I took Addie for a little walk when I took the pictures. She LOVES to be outside and have the wind blowing through her hair. Little Prairie Girl...

I think that we've just about shaken the colds and coughs that attacked us last week. It's been a long road, but I'm enjoying having the ability to swallow without pain:).

Happy Thursday!

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