Wednesday, June 27, 2012


That pretty much describes the feeling I got while watching the storm that came through here last night and half of today! Someone told me the gusts were at least 100km. I believe that. I really should go take some pictures, but I'm pretty exhausted. I was awake before 5 and didn't get back to sleep. I didn't have a nap either, which makes me double tired. The Lord helped me through and I can honestly say it was a pretty good day:). Through it all we kept reminding the kids how much we had to be thankful for. Even if we lost everything we would still choose to be thankful for each other. There are at least 5 trees down around the property and some trees split. I'm not sure, but I kind of think one of the trees was split when the lightning hit. It was so close to the house and the thunder was so loud that I actually jumped when I heard it. I'm used to storms on the island and usually I just love to watch them. I know God is in control and they don't usually scare me. The closeness of this one startled me, so y'all know that it was close;). Overall, it was a pretty amazing thing to watch. The trampoline stayed in the yard and we're going to see if we can repair the safety net. The rest of it looks like it will be okay.

With the abundance of rain I haven't been weeding my flower garden as much lately. It took me about an hour to get it under control tonight. It's amazing how some of the flowers are able to withstand so much and still continue to grow. The wild rose bush is beautiful this year. I pulled some off to enjoy while doing dishes tonight. Scott wanted to get some chokecherry syrup and things taken care of, so there was plenty of time to enjoy the flowers while cleaning up:0.

Today was town day and we held off leaving until the last minute. Thankfully the wind had died down and it wasn't too bad. There was a bit of damage around town, but not as much as we expected. It looks like Scott will be given at least one job because of the storm though. We'll see when it starts...

We returned the 43 library books from last week and turned in some book reports. The kids were very excited about choosing their free ice cream! Elyssia chose raspberry sorbet with gummy bears, Garrison Oranges and Cream Ice Cream with Gummy Bears, Caleb chose Cotton Candy(Blue) with Gummy Bears and I picked Strawberry with Gummy Bears for Kiersten. She had fallen asleep in the car, but I knew she'd be disappointed if she woke up to find that she didn't get any! Scott chose a Cake n' Shake and I had a Cookie Dough mix. I'm pretty sure that's the thought behind offering the kids free ice cream. Of course, the parents will want something too:). I still have to say it's really good for us to get 6 items at Cold Stone Creamery for under $8. I don't think we, the parents, will get something every time, but it was a nice treat. We now have at least 43 more kids books that we brought home to read. The weather is very unpredictable and it's nice to have that as a distraction once our other chores are done.

I got to Skype with one of my sister in laws in Georgia this morning. Scott was actually on early this morning, but she thought it was me. I was feeding baby, but came over to chat for awhile. It's been way to long and it was awesome to talk with her while most of the kids were sleeping:) No competition to talk about what's going on, if ya know what I mean.

Well, I'd better go for now. I'm sorely in need of some sleep and shouldn't put it off any longer. Praying for those in the tornado and fire areas in the States and Canada.

Sleep well friends in Blogland;).

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