Friday, July 6, 2012

He's done it again!

This month Scott had several jobs lined up. One after one they were put off by those needing it done or contracted to someone else. We just continued on, trusting that the Lord would have something, but not actively seeking more work. This morning Scott got a call asking him to come and work for a previous employer. When the company was sold a couple years ago Scott stopped working for them and went independent. He worked with them a little bit since then, but just because it coordinated with other jobs that he was already working on. Soooo, the guy is desperately in need of help and will take Scott as much as he's able in the next couple months. Thank you Lord for helping us to trust you and for providing work when it's needed!

I'm off to enjoy a beautiful, sunny day! We did all our baking yesterday and most of our cleaning, due to having people over last night. This is the day that we prepare for Scott's 35th Birthday! I can't reveal any secrets on here, due to the fact that he often reads my blog;).

Happy Friday!

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  1. PTL! I am so delighted to read this post on many fronts ... please reveal birthday details after it's all over!