Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Fruits Of Summer

Slowing down, not really:). We've had a little bit of quiet time this week, but more gearing up for our trip to Alberta this week.

Lawn Mowed-Check

Laundry done-Check

House Clean-Check

Peaches Canned-Check(well, not all of them, but one batch down, 1 to go, plus jam) Scott and the kids actually did that while I was weeding last night:).

A family that we know from town called and asked us to come pick up a pail of Raspberries! That was an unexpected blessing:).

The strawberries have slowed down a bit, but the raspberries are coming faster, so it's nice to be able to keep up with that. We're freezing most of it now and waiting for a cooler day to do that jam and pies. Something to look forward to:).

Adelaide is pulling up on the furniture now and loves to be outside. She crawls around on the porch, with the gates locked, and just enjoys the sun, breeze, and watching all the activity around her.

We have all the books for School organized now and the only thing holding us back is our trip and the final stage of potty-training Kiersten. We put off the official task until all our travels were complete. Looking forward to the completion of that:). I'm thinking that the middle of August will be a good time to start school, that way we won't get behind when Scott heads to Scotland in September.

I'll leave you with a couple pics, to hold you off until we get back from our trip...

What's under that pink mushroom?

It's a Kiersty Flower-A rare variety that only grows at Hidden Hollows Farm;).

Elyssia at the end of her favorite job-Fresh peas from the garden!

The brothers "helping". I think they mostly like to eat them and throw the empty pods at each other:).

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  1. Have a wonderful trip! I love the name Hidden Hollows Farm ... Your children grow more and more beautiful. xoxo