Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I'm afraid that I'm having a bit of a hard time thinking of what exactly I should write about the past couple weeks. That's the bad thing about not writing posts quickly after each event. There's definitely Too Much Information for me to really write it all down without it losing a lot of it's funny qualities. I'll just share about our trip to Alberta for the wedding and leave the rest unwritten.

Scott's parents came to our house last Wednesday after attending a BBQ with the Prime Minister of Canada:). Some of you may remember that Scott and I got to meet him about 4 and a half years ago in Castlegar. We were quite excited that they were getting this opportunity and that it was only about 10 minutes from our house. They were meeting to celebrate the end of the Mandatory Wheat Board in the Prairie Provinces. Farmers were actually arrested over the years for giving away their wheat across the border in protest and it's wonderful to see the freedom that they'll now have to sell their own wheat without going through the board. They spent the night here and graciously allowed the 3 older ones to stay in their camper too:). Brave Parents;).

Thursday I did something for the first time. I drove the kids to Alberta without Scott. I was following his parents part of the way, but it was still kind of exciting. They were very well behaved and we made really good time. The kids picked raspberries with Grandad and he claims that his patch will never be the same. I rather think he's going to miss Buster Bear, Blackie the Crow and Sammy J.:). That evening we went to visit Great Grandma Neilson. Adelaide gave her some pretty nice smiles, in spite of being a little out of sorts. We can see where her teeth are, but they haven't broken through yet. I have some pictures, but I had to charge the batteries and didn't get them uploaded yet. Another day....

Friday was another first. My Mother in Law drew me a map and I took 3 of the kids over to play with cousins. It was an awesome map and we didn't make any wrong turns. For those reading this, who didn't grow up in the prairies, the lack of road signs can be a little scary at times. The kids had a fun time and it was neat to see the cousins playing together. Scott arrived later that night after he got off work and played with the kids a bit before bed.

Saturday was Jeff and Amy's wedding. We spent a good portion of the morning cleaning out the van with the parent's strong suction vac:). It hasn't looked that clean since we cleaned it at my mom's house in Georgia;). Then the kids got a quick bath and we headed out to the wedding. There were DOZENS of little cousins running around. It was neat to see our kids surprised faces when we told them that most of the little kids running around were their cousins. There wasn't time to play with all of them, but it was nice to at least say hi to some of the parents. The wedding was outdoors and it was pretty hot. Adelaide slept through the whole thing and the others mostly sat under the shade of a tree on a blanket that Nana brought. The big surprise for the kids was the Candy Cannon. They loaded it up after the wedding and shot Candy out of it about 10 times. It was a nice treat, especially since it distracted the 3 younger ones when I drove them home. Scott kept Elyssia and they went to the Reception that night. I took the four younger ones and drove back home, hoping to get to bed early and not have such cranky children on Sunday. The drive went well, but the kids didn't go to sleep very early.

Sunday was quite tiring, with the kids a bit crazy/crabby. There were lots of visitors to distract them though and they enjoyed having 2 friends downstairs during the main service. There were a total of 8 first time visitors on Sunday. 3 from Holland, 2 from Prince Albert and 3 from Kindersley. It was an encouragement on a very exhausting day.

Monday was a Holiday, but also the Grocery Sale Day in town. Scott was home and had the kids helping with garden stuff while I took Adelaide. We actually had a pretty nice time. It got up to 30, but we were home a bit before that.

I guess that catches us up on things. Sorry for the lack of posts and pictures. Especially for the family outside Canada right now. Life has been busy and the blogging is what I've chosen to be set aside during the busy times. We're in the home stretch of potty training Kierten, bringing in some things from the garden, making jam and gearing up for the start of school. Exciting days ahead:).

Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

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