Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This past month has been incredible! We've had so much fun working and playing as a family. I was to the point of exhaustion at one point, but the Lord has been giving me extra strength and encouragement to keep on going.

We're having so much fun with the family that moved here from Nova Scotia. It's like the kids discovered their twins and now it seems they're inseparable. They'll be here today after school and then we'll be there to play tomorrow before Prayer Meeting. They found a house to rent in Eatonia and they're excited to get settled in next month. The yard has flower and vegetable garden plots, so that will make things easier for them next year. They love growing things and Kelly was able to teach Scott more about our fruit trees and how to get them healthy.

Yesterday was our first day of school:). I totally have a smile on my face over that one:). I'm sure there will be difficult days, but yesterday was a lot of fun. Adelaide fell asleep just before we started and the other kids were really excited. We have school stations for the younger ones to keep their hands busy when I can't be doing one on one with them. We have group sessions where we can read together and today I think we'll also work on a puzzle together. Garrison's reading is coming along great! I think he got through that portion quicker than any of the other subjects. He's very particular about how his numbers look, so Math takes him longer. He's quick to tell me the answer, but then takes his time writing. Elyssia has a lot more writing this year and I think it's going to take closer to 4 hours for her to get hers done this year. That's okay. We're working with that and I'll be adding more extras in the weeks to come. Kiersten was taking herself potty while I was working with the others, which is a wonderful blessing. I wasn't sure how she'd do, but she's taking the initiative to get things done.

Scott and I made a batch of pear jam last night and only one jar didn't seal. Guess we'll have to eat that one sometime in the next week or so. What a sacrifice:). I also got to make a Strawberry Rhubarb Custard Pie. I think I've only made it one other time since we got married, but mom used to make it a couple times a year. I got to use our Strawberries and Rhubarb, which made it even more delicious! We have enough strawberries for one strawberry pie and a batch of jam. I'm not sure if we'll get anymore than that, but it's a nice treat.

Scott headed out earlier this morning to work in town, so I've been finishing up a few things before the kids woke up. There are 4 out of 5 here now and Caleb is telling me how Daddy stuffed something in his window last night to keep the black monkey out. I'm thinking he had a very vivid dream!

Well, I'd better go and feed the "starving" little ones:). Getting set up for school this morning should be faster and there won't be the laundry to keep up with.

Happy Tuesday!!!

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