Saturday, August 18, 2012

An Incredible Week

Once again there's been so much going on that blogging has fallen by the wayside.

Highlights: Picking apples and chokecherries with the kids.

Making over 30 litres of applesauce.

Receiving and listening to Nathan's new cd in the mail. Awesome!

Making my first Ground Cherry Pie. Delicious!!!

Tasting Scott's homemade pasta sauce made out of tomatoes that he grew:). Yummy!

Playdate with friends. Lots of fun:).

Getting together with new friends from Nova Scotia. Our kids have bonded quickly and now feel that they're inseparable. Micah and Caleb could honestly be twins. Yikes, Double Trouble, but Oh so cute and ALMOST irresistable;).

Taking the girls shopping today, BBQ with friends, then a circus. The circus was disappointing from the aspect that we were looking forward to seeing animals and they only had dogs. There were some things that we had to look away from and some incredibly amazing stunts. They had funny and talented people, but the kids were definitely disappointed about not seeing animals.

Garrison's loose tooth is barely hanging in there and Adelaide now has two bottom teeth!

It's very late and we have a wonderful day at church to look forward to in the morning.

Happy Saturday!

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