Monday, August 13, 2012

A purpose and A plan...

God has been working extra hard lately around here. He's been blessing from all sides in so many different ways when we've been so exhausted that we didn't think we could make it through another day.

This past week we had the unexpected blessing of housing 3 people for a couple nights. The original plan was for them to stay with another family, but when they were unable to do it, we were given the first of many blessings:). At first I was thinking of the extra work, but then I started to get excited about it. We didn't get very much time to visit with them when they came 2 years ago and this time we'd have a couple days. There's always the concern over how the kids will do. Will they remember their manners? Will they get along with each other or go through another testing stage... 1 incident in those couple days=amazing and priceless! The Smiths were a wonderful blessing and encouragement. Our kids loved having them here and asked if they could stay longer. There was another man from their church that came and I have to say that it was like having another kid in the house;). He drove a convertible and played with the kids. Told silly jokes and quickly became a favorite. He knows how to have fun and laugh at himself. He has to, since he's originally from Quebec and dares to wear his shirts and hats supporting those teams here in the prairies:). Bro. Smith made several comments about how great it would be if the hat "accidentally" fell in the shredder while they were trimming the John and Romans:))). Overall it was quite wonderful. Some friends of ours from Saskatoon came out for Saturday afternoon to help for a couple hours and then drove out to our place for a weiner roast. I'm not sure, but I think that 17 is the most that we've fed out here without it being a potluck. It went well and I think everyone had plenty to eat. Next time I'll have to fix twice as many angel eggs. There were some minor complaints about going back for seconds and them being gone... The Lord helped us to finish 2,900, which is close to 1,000 more than the last time they were here. We didn't have as many adult helpers, but the kids were a huge help taking things up and down the stairs, saving time and being a blessing in the process.

Many people had mentioned being out of town for Sunday, so we mentally prepared for a fairly quiet Sunday. The Lord surprised us once again with visitors from Kindersley and we soaked up the last couple hours with the Smiths and Remy. They turned the tables on us when they left by leaving a gift card and basket for our family! It seems that that happens more often these days. We set out asking the Lord to help us be a blessing to those around us and they end up being the greater blessing.

On Saturday we had a family call, inquiring about a place to stay. Without revealing personal details, it's turning out to be another wonderful blessing. They have 3 kids close in age to our 3 oldest, they homeschool and we get along great. Praise the Lord! Looking forward to seeing what the Lord has planned in the days and years to come.

This morning we got to Skype my brother in law, Preston, in Madagascar. Love technology!!! The kids were super excited to see him and tell him all the news.

Later in the day we discovered that Garrison had his first loose tooth and Adelaide was just getting her first one:). What a week for blessings!

Guess I'd better head off for now. Adelaide was playing with Scott, but it's time to get her into bed.

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

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