Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Playing Catch Up...

Sunday Night we headed home with the kids. We thought they were too tired to stay up for fireworks on Canada Day, but I think they might have made it. They were awake til 10 and Elyssia was awake so long that I decided we should see if the fireworks were visible from the end of the lane. We didn't want to be dragged off into the bush by the mosquitos, so we drove the van:). The fireworks were clearly visible from our house! Yesiree, that's one benefit of living in the prairies. Town is 17 minutes drive from us and we can still see if from our driveway:))). Sorry I didn't take any pictures.

Monday was Laundry Day, but also the Family Savings Day for Groceries. Scott volunteered to stay behind while I took Addie and enjoyed a somewhat quiet shopping trip. I have to say that I missed the other ones. There really wasn't much room for them to sit by the time I got the groceries in though, so it's probably best that they stayed home. There were only 2 loads of laundry left to do when I got home too. Thank you Lord!

Tuesday was a bit quieter than normal because Scott took Garrison to work with him. I got to make cards, etc with the other kids. I think all of us were happy with how the day went:). That night I went into town a bit before 7 to learn how to make a couple cards. This is the first time I've been to a Stampin' Up card party. I have to say that it was quite fun. Adelaide charmed the other ladies and maybe I'll post pics of the cards sometime after I take them:).

Today was Town Day. I made the mistake of saying that it was Wednesday and Caleb reminded me that it's now called Town Day:). We were able to return library books, go to Prayer Meeting, Have lunch with Scott and pick up the remainder of his birthday presents. He turns 35 on Saturday and we're trying to make it memorable:). Now we're winding down and getting ready for bed. The wind continues to blow and we're not really sure from day to day when the next storm will start. We're thanking the Lord that He's spared our garden so far. Only time will tell whether we'll have something to harvest later on.

Happy 4th of July to all my American Family and Friends!!!

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