Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Going to tea...

but not with the queen:). Elyssia and I are invited to have tea with a friend this afternoon. Scott figured that he would get done early and that I could get out for a couple hours since he has his second meeting of the week tonight. For those of you who don't know, we have our Prayer Meeting on Wed afternoons now, so, no he won't be skipping Prayer Meeting.
The weather has been really nice the past couple days. Last night it looked like we were going to get a thunderstorm, but didn't turn into much. Hopefully the weather will stay nice for the weekend. We have a wedding to attend, but they have an inside location reserved, just in case it's not nice enough for outside. From what we've heard it's going to be a non-dressy type of wedding. A prairie/cowboy type wedding, so it's jeans and western shirts for the men and I figure the girls can wear sundresses. Not sure what I'll wear yet.
The appointment went well on Monday. I have to say that they're not quite as nice to you when you show up 3 min late, as opposed to the 15-20 minutes early that we usually are. In the past we've had to wait an extra 20-30 minutes, but now it's a tight ship they're running. They only have one Dr. in the office and they're keeping him running. It really only took 10 minutes for the whole appt, but the baby's heartbeat was good and all my vitals were normal. We have the second ultrasound scheduled for July 25th. I think I felt some fluttering over the past week, but it's still light, since we're only in the 18th week. The Dr. actually said that baby was measuring almost a week ahead of schedule. I was kinda surprised, but wonder if somehow our babies do develop a bit faster. I've never heard of it, but the last 3 were born about 3 weeks early, but they were considered full term and looked great. So, we'll see what happens. I was a bit farther ahead than I thought when they did the first ultrasound too, but being completely sure of the time the baby was conceived makes it hard to understand how that could be possible.
Anyway, here are a couple cute pics from the last couple days. The first one is of the finished wall painting. I tried to put captions underneath, but ended up deleting them, because the new blog pic uploader messes with the order of the pics. There is a pic of Caleb listening to his belly?:) with the stethoscope all funny:. There's also a pic of Scott's first time using the skewers. It was quite good! I actually got a couple pics during devotions the other day too. They were doing the story where the 4 friends brought the man to Jesus and lowered him through the roof. We don't have a "man doll" and the kids weren't strong enough to hold Caleb in a blanket, so please excuse us using Nellie(doll) in his place. Our table worked perfectly because it comes apart to put in extra leaves. We made an exception to our "no standing on the table rule" and Kiersten used to to her advantage. The little stinker!

We had another incident yesterday. Child (remaining unnamed) was sent down on Monday to put some things in the freezer. Child ? didn't fit it into the freezer properly and the door didn't seal. Child ? didn't tell the parents. Mother of child ? discovered the problem last night before supper. Unfortunately some meat was lost. Fortunately there wasn't much meat left in the freezer. Apparently it's Sam's lucky day, cause he got some meat. Lesson learned: Check freezer once or twice a day to make sure it's closed.

This morning we had a bit of a panic. We were ready to sit down for breakfast and couldn't find Garrison. Scott does chores before breakfast and sometimes the boys go out to help him if they wake up early. We looked around the house and called for him, but no response. I went out to the road and walked towards the field calling for him. Wondering if he'd wandered out as Scott was coming in and they just missed each other. I found NOTHING. I prayed on the way home and Scott was on the porch when I got back. He's here... Apparently he was hiding behind a chair in the living room and didn't want us to know... I was thankful that he was okay, but not so happy that he hadn't answered. Scott shared a story about him and his cousin hiding and not answering when they were younger and how much they scared their families. I shared one about getting left on a field trip because I'd gone to use the washroom and hadn't told the teacher. We tried to emphasize how important it is to let people know where you are, unless everyone knows that you're playing hide and seek and that if your parents tell you to answer, that you better do it fast or face some consequences. Only time will tell whether the lesson sank in or not...
So, it's off to see what the rest of the day holds. The kids are having fun being free for the summer, although Elyssia did ask the other day if she could do some Math:) We told her, "no, we need a break for a bit". I think it's a good sign that she desires to do it though. Have a great day and don't get too many mosquito bites!


  1. Get Scott to tell Garrison about the time he and Lance decided to wander off at Grandma's place and do the same (i.e. not let anyone know or not call back when people are looking for him. (He may be able to recount the spanking and yelling more vividly.)

  2. Hey Preston,
    That's the one I mentioned, unless they did it a second time.

  3. Oh that is the WORST feeling ever, when you can't find a child. Kaiser hid from me once and I was totally panicked -- I finally caught a glimpse of him under his dad's desk. It scared me so badly I was shaking, and I had to sit down for a bit to recover before I could even talk to him about it. And he wasn't even my own child! These kids! They take years off of our lives, YEARS!