Friday, June 10, 2011

False alarm...

Okay, so I didn't lose all my friends in blogland. Must have just been a blogspot glitch or something. I was reminded about adding the text when editing the photo, so should try that sometime later on.

One question:

What happens when you install a new toilet, but leave the old one on the porch?
ANSWER: Your kids figure that they now have a outhouse and proceed to use the one on the porch instead of coming inside. ---Can anybody say gross!---

I asked the boys another question this afternoon. Why did you paint the greenhouse white? It didn't stump them. They said, "It's called a greenhouse because you put plants in it and they're green." We've been reading the Amelia Bedelia books and the boys laugh, but are quick to point out that you can't plant light bulbs, etc... They're getting too smart to get much past them these days.

Tonight Kiersten met the gravel. I was cleaning her up. She said, "owie", "band-aid" I asked her if she needed a band-aid for her knee. She said, "band-aid, knee". She was also saying "Pastha pease!" Tonight. She wanted more pasta. Not sure if she'll have a bit of a lisp, but it's cute hearing her learn to say so much. She really wasn't interested until about a month ago, but now she's trying to say everything:).

Caleb is moving onto trick riding with his tricycle. He was telling me today. I can stand up on the seat! Guess it's time to get him a helmet:). He and Garrison were trying to help Scott paint the greenhouse today. Caleb mostly had to stay out of the way, but Garrison had a garbage back paint covering and managed to do pretty good, even if he did end up with a fair amount on his face and arms:).

Scott's time at the trade show went pretty good. He talked to the guy about a new part for our steam mop that Caleb had snapped the handle on. The guy gave him the replacement part for FREE! That was an unexpected blessing:) He also brought home some caramel popcorn. I don't think it's going to last long around here.

One last note: Elyssia can ride up and down the lane without assistance now. She's quite pleased and it's definitely one of those confidence boosters(although she does remind me a bit of "Goose on the Loose" when she gets going) If you haven't read that Usborne reader, it's worth borrowing from the library. Something to remember, learning to ride without training wheels. Scott ended up putting some training wheels on Garrison's, til he gets the concept of balance. I'm thinking that he will be ready to take them off by the end of summer.

Til next time...

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  1. You could get the kids to dig a hole and make a real outhouse. then they never have to come inside