Sunday, June 5, 2011

The saga continues....

Last night the unwanted visitor finally visited Kiersten.  Thankfully it was quick and she went back to sleep.  Garrison ended up sleeping in the bathroom after throwing up and I kept the 3 younger ones home in order to try to keep the virus contained.  Turns out that the Grahams already have it, but thankfully we're not to blame. Our kids haven't been together this week and I really don't know where it started since Garrison came down with it on Tuesday and we haven't heard of anyone else that they've been around having it.  Oh well.  I pray that today is the end of it.
  On another note, my sister in-law Jessie and 3 of their kids were in an accident today on the autobahn in Germany.  Thankfully the Lord helped her to avoid being hit head on by a car coming towards them, and none of them seem to have been seriously hurt.  We don't know the whole story yet, but she said that we needed to pray that they don't have to pay to replace the side thing that she crashed into.  Apparently they're quite expensive.  At least they're replaceable, unlike children, should something happen to them.
  Some big prayer requests for this week.  Two of my nieces, Cameryn and Caleigh are having surgery this week.  For those that don't know about them, they were born with osteogenesisimperfectus(brittle bone disease).  They are going to have rods put in their legs.  Cameryn has had this surgery before, but Caleigh has not.  Please pray that the surgery would go well and that the healing would be quick.  These girls have been through a lot, but are two of the sweetest girls I know.  I can't say "little anymore" because Cameryn is almost a teenager and Caleigh is almost to double digits:).  My mom's boss, Mr. Register, could also use prayer.  He's having some major medical problems and the doctors don't know what's causing it yet.  Prayers for the doctors to have wisdom as they run tests and also strength for Mr. Register as he goes through it all.  So many times when we think we're having major problems, the Lord shows us that there are others with far greater ones than we can imagine.  The best way to help right now is to pray for them.
  I hope that everyone else had a good day of fellowship at church today.  Thanking the Lord that we still have the freedom to gather together and worship.  Each day it seems that we hear of more people around the world being persecuted and killed for their faith.  There are also a lot more people experiencing it in Canada and the U.S.  Please don't take it for granted.  It's something I think about more frequently these days.  If we are faced with the choice to deny Christ or die.  If we are denied the right to meet together and read the Bible.  How many of us will run  continue to meet?  It's been shown historically that persecution has aided the spread of the Gospel far more than it has suppressed it.  Speaking of gathering...  In spite of those out for the flu and gone to the retreat, Scott said that a good amount of people came out.  I was thankful for that, especially since I was only able to send Elyssia with him.  Looking forward to being well and going together as a family again.  It always makes for a long day when we miss out on church. 
  Family funnies:  Caleb wanted Scott to play with him this afternoon.  Scott said that he had some studying to do, to which Caleb replied, "no, you're not going to study, I'm not going to let you!"  He grabbed Scott's Bible and notebook and ran to the back of the house.  Guess he's starting to perk up a bit:). 

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