Saturday, June 18, 2011

How do you...

determine what a good Birthday is as an adult? When you're a child it's all about the presents and the cake. I'm finding that the presents are less important and a cake, even less so. As a child, getting one year closer to 13 or 21 was the excitement. Now, it's kinda like, "How old am I?":). It's become more about the time just spent with family, making memories and appreciating another day of life. So many don't have that opportunity. Lives are ended so quickly these days and there's not the chance to spend just one more birthday with that loved one. So, here are some pictures from the day. Please excuse the appearance in the breakfast pic. Elyssia insisted that I stay in bed til breakfast was ready. Not the nicest time to get your pic taken.

The new picture uploader puts up a lot of computer lingo instead of the picture with the option of adding descriptions underneath. There are pics of the banana muffins with pecans that Elyssia wanted to make for me. Pics of Caleb sporting his mosquito net hat. Pics of a blackberry cobbler that I made. A pic of the clean living room, that I just can seem to keep up for very long and the new location of the computer. Pics of flowers from Scott and the entry after the first coat of paint that Scott did for me. It looks much better, but now I'm like, "Don't run your hands on the walls!" It didn't matter when they were grungy off white:).

The day started off with pouring down rain, Whidbey Island style. I had to stay in bed, but the kids were up before 6! Not really sleeping in, if you ask me:). The muffins were delicious. Elyssia had colored me a pic and painted one too. She helped Kiersten color one too, so I have plenty of new artwork for the fridge. Canada Post is on strike, so any other cards will probably arrive in a couple weeks. Scott brought me flowers the night before and those are the ones in the striped vase. Elyssia claimed the horse sketching book right off and I look forward to sharing the cards and painting the canvases. I've been wanting to paint another picture for awhile now, but by the time the kids are all in bed I'm too tired to stay up much longer.
We drove into town to renew my license, something, that's been a yearly necessity til now. This year we got a letter in the mail telling us that they're going to make the license good for 5 years, instead of only 1. What a novel idea:). From there we picked up lemon tarts for dessert and ordered pizza for lunch. I needed to pick up Scott's Father's Day card and present, so we picked that up and had Caleb's new passport picture taken since he was 2 weeks old in his last pic. Oh, before we left I also gave myself a birthday haircut. The second pic of me is after the haircut. I missed my last hair appt. since I was sick and too out of things to feel like going. Getting a hair appt. is a lot like getting a Dr. Appt. right now, so I figured I should do something before we go to the wedding next weekend. I think it turned out okay and will be long again by the end of summer.
We had planned to take a nap when we got home, but the 3 younger ones had a power nap in the car and only Garrison ended up sleeping a bit more at home. So, I guess that means an early end to the day with an early bedtime. The afternoon has been pretty normal. Kids playing, rain stopping and starting, a load of laundry, a sink of dishes cleaned. I have much to be thankful for and the day isn't done:). Looking forward to what the Lord has for us in the year ahead.

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  1. I find that my birthdays are best when spent with those that I care about, presents or not.