Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good times...

Last night was our last Ladies Bible study til the Fall. There was so much going on beforehand, but the Lord provided the time to prepare and I really enjoyed getting into things. When I'm in the middle of it I wonder, why didn't I study this topic sooner? One of the Ladies said that we're probably not ready to understand it fully, but that the Lord brings it to mind when we, and others, need it. I think that's partly true. Sometimes we just don't want to give up the time it takes to do the study either. There's a lot to think about over the summer. Our challenge is to truly ask the Lord what our talents are and whether we're using them for His glory and to be a blessing to others. To not be hiding them or just using them for ourselves. To give God not just 10% of our finances, but at least that much of our time and the talents that He has blessed us with. The challenge is just as great for me. I know that I could certainly be using the hours in my day better. The hardest thing is sticking to that, even when tired.
I was reading Abby's post about decluttering and reorganizing. I always seem to be in that mode. Maybe that's why I'm so tired:). Scott moved our computer station yesterday. I would post pics, but there's a lot of cleaning to do before we're ready to do that. It should give him less distraction and more room to study. Yes, there are a lot of helpful study tools associated with the computer, but also a lot of easy distractions. We were also supposed to be relieved of a fridge from the shed and the freezer from downstairs that quit working. The people were scheduled to pick it up last week, but Scott called to confirm and they said their schedule said Sunday was the pickup. Who schedules a pick up for Sunday? He told them that we would have it ready and be home from 1-4. They said okay and never showed up. So, the downstairs is all a disaster from him moving everything to get the freezer ready, but who knows when they'll show up now. Someday, when things are back to a somewhat normal state I'll post pics. It's nice to have a window to look out of while typing. It's easier on the eyes. The kids are also excited because we can listen to Odyssey online in the living room instead of having to crowd into the office to hear the speakers:).
Other news learned last night is that there's going to be another baby in our church next year:). You already know about mine, but our ratio of kids vs. adults is increasing faster than the adults! This will make 13 kids 7 yrs old and under.
The weather here has been beautiful lately. Yesterday it was 29 degrees celsius, 83 F for all my American friends and family:). Without the breeze it was a scorcher. So thankful for the coolness inside the house:). The farmers now need a good rain for the crops. Last year they needed less rain and more sun. It really makes you feel for those whose livelihood depends on the weather and crops. I have to say that I'm thankful we're not full time farmers.
I had a bit of a panic last night. I was checking the date of my next Dr. Appt. It said Mon, the 20th. For some reason all that processed was the Monday part and I thought that I'd missed it yesterday. I was like, "great, now I have to go back to the hospital to try to get a prescription". I went to bed and shortly after that realized that the 20th wasn't today because I hadn't had my birthday yet:). God was probably getting a good chuckle out of my confusion:). I'm thankful that I didn't miss the appt. It's too hard to get one scheduled in the first place around here.
I think that about wraps things up for all our activity. Scott asked me what I wanted for my Birthday this year and I requested that he paint the entry. Hopefully I can post pics of that sometime in the next couple weeks. I think it will do a lot to freshen up that area, but will probably make the rest of the walls look pathetic:). Isn't that the way. Part of the reason we've just left it alone for so long. So, it's off to try to make a dent in the cleaning for the day. Planning what to have for supper and all that good stuff...

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