Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lighting issues...

Due to lighting issues I really don't have any good pics to post from the wedding. The church was kind of dark and keeping the kids occupied while waiting meant that I didn't really have time to mess with the camera settings. Here are a couple from our weekend away and a couple from today:

Delicious Chewy Butterscotch Pecan Bars
When did he get so big???
Waiting for the food...
Wedding Favors
"Go Walk?"
I just noticed how long his legs are!
Cute baby feet:)
Operation Simplification Complete
This is AFTER I took away 4 big boxes!
Strutting her fashion choices:)
Too cute!

I tried posting this on Tuesday, but the picture uploader wasn't working, so I'll write about Wednesday and Thursday before posting. Wednesday went quite well. A man from church called and asked if he could come over and help with some work at our place. We weren't about to say no:). He brought his tractor and a riding lawnmower over. Scott has been keeping up with the main yard okay, but the back field was getting quite tall. He took care of that in less than 2 hours! He left the riding lawnmower for us to use this summer, which will be a huge blessing. I've done the push mower, but it'll certainly be easier for me to help using the riding lawnmower:). We sent him home with some of the yummy pecan bars, which removed the temptation for me to eat more of them:).
Today has been quite nice. Scott took Elyssia to Alberta to attend his Granny's funeral. The younger 3 have gotten along quite well and even kept the house pretty clean, which is great because the in-laws are coming to visit tomorrow. A friend from church came over for tea this afternoon and the boys provided plenty of entertainment. At lunch time we were discussing salvation and other things in the Bible. Caleb told me that he isn't saved, but he wants to be. I still don't think he understands a lot of it though, so we didn't go any further, but Garrison was very helpful in telling him everything he needed to do in order to be saved. When my friend came over a couple hours later he said, I'm saved! Are you? I'm thankful that she was, cause that would have been a bit awkward:) A little soulwinner in the making. It was amazing how much he remembered and that he wanted to share it with others. This evening we played Lego. The boys are getting really good at coming up with their own creations. An hour passes by and it only seems like about 10 minutes. So, now it's time to wind down and get ready for bed. Scott and Elyssia will get home right around bedtime, so I'd better post this and keep the others occupied until then.

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