Monday, May 23, 2011

Victoria Day Weekend

 Weekends spent with the family are usually quite nice.  This one was busier than usual and nausea was present, but didn't manage to completely overwhelm.  The kids all made it into the bath. Some more than once...
yes, I took a pic.  She was already wet.

This was outside in between baths.

Saying "no", her favorite word.

Open your eyes when you smile:).


We're goin' to church!

I have totally seen Grandad make this face!

Garrison's taking the offering, Caleb's just his sidekick:).

Caleb shooting the B-B-Q full of holes.

Tom Sawyer wannabe

Hard to take a pic of the program w/Kiersten squirming.

We weren't able to get really good pics due to the lighting and the netting.

Mesmerized.  He wants to be the leader with the sword when he's older.

He wasn't sure what to think.


Video would have been best, but ours doesn't really work.

Loved the horses, of course!

They were pretty amazing.

The Charge!

One of my cousins-in-law had a little girl last week and named her Abigail Ann.  She seemed to be okay, but then went into respiratory distress.  They were flown to Oahu and they're hoping to remove the oxygen and feeding tube soon.  Extra prayers are greatly appreciated!
  Saturday was catch up day and was pretty productive as far as that goes. 
It was nice to see everyone again on Sunday.  There was just enough time for lunch at home, before it was time to go back for the service at the Manor.  Thankfully there was time for a nap in between that service and the evening one. Right before we left for church there was a torrential downpour.  It had been quite warm all day and instead of cooling things off it just made it muggy.  The kids were squirming during church, but managed to make it through the service rather quietly.  Garrison had fallen asleep on the way to church and was moved to the pew, but slept through the whole service.  We weren't sure that we would be able to get tickets at the gate for the "Musical Ride", so we didn't tell the kids what we were going to.  There was lots of excitement when they saw the Mounties and the horses were the icing on the cake!  It was neat to experience close up.  Kindersley has never hosted it before, but they agreed to come and do a fundraiser to raise money for the reconstruction of the burned part of the arena.  It was a little late for the kids to stay up, but they did pretty good.  Kiersten was a bit of a stinker, but settled down when we let her walk a bit.  Shortly before the program ended I started feeling extremely ill.  Thankfully I didn't throw up on the people in front of us.  I don't know if it was due to all the extra stimulation or the warmer weather, but I was thankful when it was time to go.  We walked out into another downpour.  Thankfully we weren't parked too far away.  I think some people probably waited inside because they'd walked several blocks from their houses.  We made it home and I headed straight to bed.  That seemed to help and the next thing I knew it was morning:).
  Today has been fairly quiet.  It was overcast, but we didn't have anywhere that we planned to go anyway.  This is the first Victoria Day that Scott hasn't been in Montrose, B.C. for in the past 12 years.  We all went back together the first year after we moved and last year he took Garrison.  With the Preacher's conference only being 1 full day we decided that we wouldn't make the trip this year. Next year we hope to go and stay for at least 4 days, that way we can have time to visit with everyone and the kids don't have 22 hours in the car with very little break.  So, after devotions, another day will have passed.  One more bit of good news to share though.  Over $5,000 has been raised to pay for the bunkbeds for the orphans in India.  Very excited about that!  Some projects seem quite large, but when the Lord's involved they can be accomplished in a very short time.  I think the really neat thing was seeing how many kids caught the vision and chose to try to help.  They gave more than I did and I think that's wonderful.  We pray that our kids can surpass us in the faith and walk with the Lord.  This is just one example of that. 
  Time for devotions...

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  1. Dear Meleah, I think that it had very little to do with how much anyone in particular gave - it was such a group effort! And the thing about you is that you were right out of the gate in your support of the project. I hope you realize what an enormous encouragement that was to me. We are now actually up to $700 for sheets and covers and pillows in addition to the bunk bed money! Praise the Lord.

    Have I said lately that I LOVE your blog?!