Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some recommendations...

I'm not big on writing book, movie or cd recommendations, but there are some we've really been blessed by lately.  We purchased the Lamplighter Classic Theatre stories on cd, after reading some of their books(most written at least a couple hundred years ago).
 "A Peep Behind The Scenes" cover
We thought it would be a good way to pass the driving time on our Georgia trip.  They were amazingly well done and the kids have listened to them at home almost every day since we got back.  We purchased 6 of them, since there was a sale on them as a group.  We were excited to see that 4 more were available this week and bought them as a surprise for the kids(and ourselves:).  It's one thing that the kids can do while cleaning up or having quiet time in their rooms. It doesn't include making a mess, overstimulation like some movies and computer programs, and each story has a good lesson to teach. It also seems that the enjoyment of listening to the stories doesn't wear off quickly, which is a good thing.  I think they will wear out the disc before they get bored of listening to them.  They are probably designed more for 8 years and up, but we talked our kids through the worrisome parts the first time and after that they knew things would be okay.      Here is the link to check it out  We're reading through some of the ones that haven't been recorded yet and looking forward to hearing them "come to life:)".

We've also been listening to dramatized stories by  They have historical dramas, character building stories and dramatized Bible stories. I remember looking forward to listening to these stories on the radio growing up, but they're only available online here, since there's no reception in this area.  I don't like the kids sitting at the computer listening for an hour or more, so waited for a good sale.  They have different sets that include 8-10 cds for 22.50 right now.  That's quite good, considering that each cd is at least an hour.  One DVD usually costs at least that, lasts about 2 hours and we wouldn't get nearly as much use out of it.  So, if you're looking for good character building stories, quiet time or car ride material, these are VERY GOOD.

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