Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Operation Simplification

The process of clearing out the kids room was started yesterday.  I'll admit that I started with our room first.  I must be feeling a little bit better because I didn't feel like passing out after the 1st 30 minutes.  The motivation to keep going gave me energy for at least the first hour.  It's not quite done, but we've made a good start.  Our room received fresh bedding and an airing that it desperately needed after being the sick room.  The foam insulation was removed after the long winter.  It's been so nice for the past while, excluding the extra wind, that I thought it was time.  This morning I woke up feeling really cold!  The sky was overcast, but no rain yet.  Scott headed into town to work and also to meet a lady to talk about the Legion's part in her husband's funeral.  A great part of the veteran's are at this point right now, but there haven't been any for the past couple months.  Scott was able to visit him a couple times, but wasn't able to witness to him with all the family around.  It's something that we're praying will open up more in the coming months.  Scott has the opportunity to visit them because the Legion calls him, but the first visit is officially a Legion one. After that he can visit unofficially.  It could be a way to see many saved in their last days, but not without the Lord making a way first. 
  It seems like so much has been happening lately, but not writing about it right away allows the opportunity for it to be forgotten or the excitement in the telling of it to wain a bit.  I was encouraged by a friend's blog this morning.  The one I mentioned was helping raise money for bunkbeds being built in India.  There are 3 our of 25 left to be paid for!  The idea was shared in April and each bunkbed costs $200.  This is an amazing example of the way that the Lord provides:).
  Kiersten's vocabulary has taken off quite a bit.  She was pointing to and saying, Eyes, nose, cheek, hair(and pulling hers:), etc...  She's quite good at communicating without words, but it's nice to hear her saying it now too.
She has started stacking the Lego in Caleb's favorite way the other day.  Those two are more alike than I realized.  They both have a think for climbing, getting into things and giving a cheeky grin in response.  They both seem to have a never ending desire for water.  Thankfully Caleb can turn on the tap now.  It seems like there is always one around eating something.  They should be a full head taller by the end of summer.
  The older two are keeping busy.  They enjoy being outside as much as possible and I'm more than happy to let them take their noise outside.  Their imaginations are very active and I often hear that they're pirates or knights, etc...  The trees are their jungle and they watch the tractor and others from within their hiding spots.
  It's approaching the time for our nap now, so I'll end things for today.  Tomorrow is a Dr. Appt, so perhaps our adventures from tomorrow will be more exciting... 

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