Monday, May 30, 2011

Bizarre Weather

is apparently quite normal for Saskatchewan, but I until Saturday I hadn't experienced all 4 kinds of weather in one day.  The morning was gorgeous and the time passed quickly.  We laid down for a nap and about an hour later I thought I heard rain.  I looked out the window and it was coming down hard.  I quickly found my shoes so that I could rescue the plants off the porch.  By the time I got out there I had balls of hail pelting me on the head!  That lasted for about 10 minutes and then things settled down.  It was a bit windy as we headed out to the 40th anniversary party, but I was pleased to see that it wasn't raining.  Our babysitter rode her bike through the rain to the church on Thursday night and I didn't want her to have to do that again.  The weather was still fairly decent and we got back to the church about 8pm.  The missionaries arrived at about 8:30.  We visited til close to 10 and about halfway through the rain started coming down in sheets.  "Georgia rain" I like to call it.  The soil in Saskatchewan isn't so absorbent though and we had to lift the kids over the rivers of water running down the street by the van.  We could hardly see through the rain on the way home, except when the lightning would flash across the sky.  When we finally got to our turn off Scott asked me if I thought there was snow on the road.  It was so dark that I couldn't tell and I thought it was just the reflection of the headlights.  When we got home we saw that Scott's car was covered with slush.  I think it must've hailed quite a bit, then the rain was just warm enough to turn it to slush, but still leave it somewhat intact.  Our porch still had some on it on Sunday morning.  We were all exhausted and fell into a deep sleep until morning.  What a day!  It was a very good one, just quite busy after all my time being at home and sick. 

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