Friday, May 20, 2011


So, today was the big day for planting the garden!  It was the perfect day weather wise and the kids were very excited.  The boys decided that they didn't want their own plots around the playhouse this year, so Elyssia got to plant whatever she wanted.  She planted ornamental corn, birdhouse gourds, sunflowers, poppys, and a variety of other things.  I think she planted a few edible things as well, but she's mostly going for the flower garden.  Hopefully we can get her to keep the weeding done.  She should have plenty of time since she only has about 8 days left of school with me and maybe a couple weeks or so with Scott.  His history book was really thick and he didn't have time to do it every day, otherwise she might be finishing that at the same time.  It was a very detailed course and I have to say that there were a lot of things she learned that I never knew, so in 1st grade she's way ahead of the game.  Kiersten even got in on the planting a bit and has quite a few mosquito bites to show for it.  Her face looks quite spotty.  The kids are really dirty after the busy morning, but they really don't care. 
Kiersten loves the cats.

Not sure if they feel the same about her:).

But she's cute and they put up with her.

Who wants to pull?

Elyssia has started an ant collection.

"Like Teddy Roosevelt mom!"  We've been listening to stories on the life of T. Roosevelt lately.

Not sure what Caleb's thinking...

The clean deck after the LONG winter...

Our grapefruit "trees".

Assortment that was started inside.

Not too bad.  I think he replanted in the bottom two.

They were all sprayed thoroughly with mosquito repellant as well, but they must be desperate for blood.  Caleb's head is very lumpy.  I'm thinking of getting them those hats with the nets.  They look kinda silly, but if it keeps them from getting bit so much, I'm willing to try.  At least they're not letting it keep them inside.  They're currently outside squishing ants.  Kiersten was brought in for a nap at snack time, then the others went back out to finish up.  Scott headed into town for some quiet study time at the church, but will come home later for some pita pizzas.  We made them last night and although I couldn't keep down lunch I was able to keep one down by laying down after eating.  Today has been a bit better with no food loss so far.
  Kiersten's latest words, "mo, peas?"  She calls  Elyssia "seesee", the boys just get pulled on when she wants them. "ow", "bye bye", "yah" for yes, "uh oh", "boo" "nose" and "eye" and "me".  I think she's said more, but it's hard to remember.  She's trying to say a lot of what we say to her now.  She's quick to head to the door when she knows someone's going in the car and very sad when she doesn't get to go. She's fallen in love with books and likes to be included in whatever the others are doing.  She's also our first to be caught putting things in the toilet.  A couple weeks ago I found a rubbermaid container and a spoon. Last week I found Garrison's toothbrush(nasty-also another one of Kiersten's words, along with "yuck"), today I caught her putting in two spoons.  It reminds me of that cartoon where the little duck keeps putting things in and saying "ducky go down the hole".  Thankfully we've seen each of these things before trying to flush them.  She's still better than a Hoover at the table.  She quietly eats her own food and then heads around the table once the others have finished and does her best to finish off what they leave.  Guess she must be growing.  She can eat 3 or 4 biscuits, which is about the same as Garrison.  I usually only eat 2 or 3 if we're not having anything else with them.  No leftovers around here!
  Caleb continues to be Caleb.  He's 3, but just like Garrison did when he turned 3 ,seems to be going through the 2 stage.  We're not letting him get away with it, but his frustration is there nonetheless. Playing outside seems to help, but then sometimes he comes in so tired that he's cranky and cries himself to sleep.  He's a very hard worker(minus the r when he says it), but the same cranky story is true when he's in for a nap.It's beautiful weather though, so we're taking full advantage of it. He's big enough to ride the tricycle this year and has a hard time waiting for his turn.  The other two are earning their bikes and end up riding the trike because it's the only one out there.  Thankfully they enjoy the swings and we should be starting construction of the bigger play structure some time this summer.  We'll see.  It's been really busy and time has been going by so fast.  It's hard to believe that May only 11 days left, 10 after today is done.
  Garrison is growing like a weed.  Seriously.  Those pants that were dragging are now showing socks.  His conversations often stray to more mature topics and his memory continues to amaze.  He's still struggling with sharing, but then surprises us by giving the others what they want quite easily sometimes.  Thankfully he's still taking a nap most days, which means that I can rest too. 
  Elyssia has become quite good at getting Kiersten to sleep or keeping her entertained in the girls room so that the others can sleep.  They listen to cds, look at books and play with the Little Tykes Doll house that Janice gave them. She's always making some craft or thinking up one that we can do together. And now she's off to catch butterflies and other things for her "museum of natural history":).  That should keep her busy all summer...
  So, we're caught up for now.  We were thinking of going to the Musical Ride this weekend, but Scott was going to check if there were any tickets left.  It's in Kindersley for the first time and a rare privilege from what I hear.  We'll see what happens.  If we do go I'm sure there will be lots of pictures to share.

  p.s. I was quite surprised that two of the names we picked were guessed so quickly.  Maybe I should have told what letter they started with:).  Oh well... 

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