Monday, May 30, 2011

Reverse and Vandalism

This post should have come before the weather one, but I forgot that I hadn't shared these events on here yet.  I thought I should wait since the police were making a visit and I didn't want to say something that would get us in trouble. So, have I got your attention yet?  The word "police" is a pretty good way of doing that, eh?
  It was close to bedtime on Friday night when we Scott answered the phone.  It was a lady calling to let him know that some windows had been broken at the church.  Some kids had informed her that a boy in the neighborhood threw rocks through them:(.  She gave us her name, but asked not to be mentioned.  She also gave us the boy's name and said that he was in Grade 1.  Say what!!!  Grade 1!!!  That is Elyssia's age!  Am I using too many exclamation points.  I really was shocked that a child that young would cause such damage.  It was late and we asked a couple in the church, that lived in town, if they didn't mind going over to see how much damage there was.  They found at least 6 rocks inside the church.  The bottom of 2 windows were completely broken and the glass was scattered inside the church.  I should have taken pictures on Sunday, but was busy visiting with the missionaries, getting ready for the potluck and trying to make sure the kids were all still in the yard:).  Caleb "accidentally" went over the fence yesterday:).  Right, so the fence pulled you up and pushed you over:)  Anyway, it reminds me how thankful I am that we don't live in town.  I'd have a full time job making sure that they were still in the yard.  SO, back to the story.  When Scott found out how much damage there was he called the police to make a report.  It's not like we wanted to press charges and the boy was way too young, but we were hoping to see the damages paid for by the family.  The police went by and the parents were pretty cooperative.  However, they said they did not know where their child was from 5-7.  Quite shocking really.  I can't imagine letting Elyssia run around town(these days) for 2 hours without knowing where she was.  Too much chance of kidnapping, etc...  The boy denied that he had anything to do with it.  Thus, it was our problem to deal with.  In sharing the story I hope I don't come across as bitter, because I really don't have any bitterness over it.  Just surprised at many of the details of the story.  The age of the boy, the extent of the damage, the lack of watch care by parents over their children and also a child's ability to lie about such things.  The last one I'm not all that surprised about, but I do pray that the child has a very guilty conscience.  There is a general lack of respect for God's house these days, but it's really sad to see it in one so young.  We won't be replacing it with stained glass this time, since the panes would be quite expensive.  It's the bottom sections of the windows, so Scott's talking to Kindersley glass about replacing it with sliders so that we can get some air in during the summer.  Something that would also be harder to break. I think the other ones were single pane, certainly not energy efficient, but they were pretty:). So, this may not be the END of the story, but for now, it's all there is...

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  1. Horrifying re the child and the parents' free admission that they didn't know where their kid was. (If they're admitting TO THE POLICE to a two-hour gap, what was the real length of time they had no knowledge of the child's whereabouts?) I'm so sorry about the damage to your beautiful building. It feels like such a violation, doesn't it? Praying that God will work on the child's conscience and this incident will be a means of your all being able to reach out to this family ... xo