Monday, May 30, 2011

On a roll...

I've been busy and really haven't felt like posting the past couple days.  We made new friends this weekend and were blessed to hear some wonderful singing.  The Newmans are heading to Okotoks, Alberta to plank a church.  They have 6 kids and 4 of them came with.  I really shouldn't say "kids".  The youngest is 15 and we were surprised to find that the oldest girl was 26!  They all look quite young, but when they started to sing there was no way that a teenager had that voice maturity.  They were a blessing to talk to and I was definitely encouraged by their desire to serve the Lord and also to make more of an effort to help Scott get our family to the special Preacher's meetings in different churches more often than we have been.  Our kids quickly attached themselves and formed friendships that we'd like to see continue.  To be around others with the same desire to serve the Lord.  I know that was a big part of what kept me excited about serving the Lord growing up. Seeing other young people that weren't just out to find pleasure for themselves, but truly wanted to do what the Lord had for them.  Another bond was the fact that they were homeschooled.  Another testimony to the fact that you can be very outgoing and conversational, instead of some awkward, shy, person that acts like they haven't seen another human being in ages:).  The world's view of homeschoolers is pretty absurd, although there are some to be found that fit that description, it's certainly not the norm.  So, here is a pic of the family, I should have taken my camera, but you'll have to settle for a pic of their prayer card, which is very nice:)

The slush mentioned in the previous post.

Around the porch was a gorgeous day!

I love how our yard looks in the spring!

Kiersten shared her popcorn with her doll.  A chance to teach her that it's dangerous before she tries it with the real baby:)  

The message was far different from what our people are used to.  He's not a quiet preacher, but the message had a lot to think about in it.  We had a nice time visiting with new friends and old:)  Not old, age-wise, just ones we've had for awhile.  One family we hadn't seen for about 2 months, so it was good to catch up with them.  The rest of the afternoon was spent napping. That felt sooooo good.  I haven't gotten to sleep that long on a Sunday afternoon in a long time.  3 out of 4 sleeping helped to make that possible.  Elyssia played with Kiersten when she woke up.  Her nap was shorter because she slept in the morning service, making it possible for me to listen to the majority of the sermon upstairs.  The evening service didn't go quite as peacefully.  Elyssia was complaining that her side hurt, but it wasn't where her appendix is located.  She moaned until church was done, but we were downstairs, so I don't think anyone could hear it.  The others were rambunctious, probably due to the longer nap.  Overall, it was a very good day though and the weather stayed quite nice for the duration.
  Today, Monday, was also quite busy. There was quite a bit of clean up, because of being in and out so much over the weekend.  Scott was able to get another section of the lawn mowed and I had a big grocery run to make.  Others that shop at Extra Foods on sale day, probably know what I'm talking about.  I haven't calculated how often it happens, but only having the sale the day on the first Monday and Tuesday of the month means that sometimes you have to go about 6 weeks because the month is 5 weeks long and that's just way to long to keep doing the weekly runs without going over budget.  I think this month was one of those because it doesn't end til Tuesday, putting the sale next week.  So, I decided to do 2 big runs 2 weeks in a row and have very small pick ups, like milk and bananas the other 3 weeks.  Hopefully that will keep us on budget for the month:) Scott was able to keep the kids occupied and I went as quickly as possible.  I got back just as they were finishing lunch, so it was really quite good timing:).  That meant that I didn't miss out on laying down with the boys for a nap.  Very much needed after the busy morning.  This afternoon Scott took Garrison in to take care of some errands that he does on his day off.  Tomorrow it's back to work as usual.  It's been nice and peaceful here at home and Elyssia made Farmer's Sausage and Perogies with a mushroom sauce for supper.  I cut up the meat and supervised, but pretty much let her take care of the rest.  Here's the proof:):

Things are starting to feel more settled healthwise. Just waiting to feel the baby kick for the first time.  Should be pretty soon:). 

On a funny note:  I talked to my brother, Nathan, today.  He was telling me that he's taking the boys to see Kung Fu Panda 2 this afternoon.  They have a holiday for Memorial Day in the States.  Judah told him that it would probably include the panda falling in love.  The funny thing, he's probably right on:)  That seems to be included in most sequels to animated movies.  I can't wait to hear what he thought of it.  I haven't seen it.  Kirk showed us the first one a couple years ago and it was pretty funny.

  Telling Kiersten that I would be back in a minute because I needed to use the washroom. She ran ahead of me into the bathroom, lifted the lid for me, then went and sat on the little potty. She's not using it yet, but Elyssia takes her in every morning as soon as they wake up. Kiersten sits on the little potty til Elyssia is done, then they go out for breakfast.  Pretty cute, even if she is a little stinker.  Oh!  Before I forget to mention it.  I heard a giggle that sounded like it was coming from the balcony at the church yesterday.  I looked up and saw two tiny little hands on the railing!  Talk about scary.  She was on a chair, but thankfully had no ability to get to the top because her legs are too short.  Gotta get Scott to work building the little gate that will keep them from going up there.  She's definitely trying to give me a hear attack:).

  Talking to Caleb and Garrison about tornadoes. With all the damage lately they heard us talking about whether there might be one out this way.  Garrison and Caleb were under the impression that they could beat it up.  After a good long explanation of a tornado they both agreed that it would be best to hide somewhere:)  Smart boys...

Elyssia thinking that she was going to need her own shelf for storing foods that she could cook.  She declared that she was cook #3 and needed someplace to put her ingredients:) Scott informed her that she has to graduate from Mother's Helper to apprenticing Cook and then she can be Cook #3.  She's not sure what to think of that, but it was pretty good of Scott to come up with that system.  She's able to make several things independently now, but we don't want her trying to take over in the kitchen just yet...

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