Friday, May 13, 2011

House Cleaning...

  Today was part 1 of house cleaning before the 1st missionaries come.  There are times I think about taking a picture because I can't believe how many crumbs I've swept up from the kids, but then I think, that's disgusting and embarrassing:). It also seems to take me twice as long to do the dishes these days.  Thankfully Elyssia and Kiersten are becoming an excellent team in putting the dishes away for us. The HUGE Lego disaster was declared by the children to be too much work.  We left them alone downstairs and an hour later it was still mostly in the same place.  Time for some parental motivation!  Daddy is setting the timer for 10 minutes and if they're not cleaned up there will be no lunch and EVERYONE will have to take a nap.  They completed the task with 3 and a half minutes to spare:)
  Mother's enemy #2 was made when Elyssia "accidentally" let a yogurt container full of raspberries slip out of her hands.  Across the floor they flew, splattering on the cupboard and walls.  So, I guess I'll clean the floor today instead of tomorrow. 
  So, we shall see how the weekend goes.  The missionaries will be here for supper and then back to the hotel for the night.  There are 5 children, so hopefully they'll get along well with our 4.  We're going to be having quite the full year with missionaries and the tent meetings.  Looking forward to all the extra preaching and hopefully getting to sit with Scott in church a couple times.
  For those of our friends and family out there that are praying for us-Thank you!  The prayers have really helped us through a lot these past couple weeks.  One of my friends in the Philippines mentioned that she was really wanting some chocolate.  She knew that they needed to spend their money on other things that were actual needs though, so she just mentioned it to the Lord in prayer.  The next morning she found m&ms and other chocolate sitting on their front porch!  Isn't that awesome:)  God cares so much about us and even when it's not really a need He takes the time to show us that we're important to him.  Another friend was posting about George Mueller and the incredible ways that God provided for him and answered his prayers.  Sometimes I wonder if God delights in answering those secret prayers more than others.  Ones that we just trust to Him, knowing that no one else knows of the need, but wanting to see how God will provide and fill the need.  Too often I think we pray, but then mention that prayer to others in the hopes that God will use them to "answer the prayer".  Trying to help things along...  There is something that I've thought about sharing as a prayer request, but I honestly want to see the Lord provide it without my interference.  When(not if) it's answered I'll share the details.  It may not be soon, but I know the Lord can do it.
Til next time...

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