Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Late Night!

Yesterday morning one of the ladies called to ask about Ladies Meeting.  She'd missed church and didn't know that the majority of the Ladies had an Art/quilt show to attend. There were three of us without plans though, so we decided to meet at the church for tea.  I was thinking we'd chat for maybe an hour, then head home, but we ended up talking for 2 and a half hours.  During that time I drank about 4 cups of tea and the Lord opened up several subjects that we might not have been able to discuss so well in a bigger group.  I'm thankful for these Ladies and pray that the Lord opens up those doors of opportunities to witness to others, especially many of the unsaved husbands.  One experience that I've never had is being married to someone that isn't saved.  To think that one day you will be in Heaven and that the same can't be said for the husband that is loved so dearly here on earth.  Hard to comprehend and very heartbreaking.  Praying that the Lord will soften and convict those hearts of their need for HIM.  I think the hardest thing to watch is those that are truly good and kind.  They go through life either trusting in that or not believing that there's anything after death.  There's only one way to be saved according to the Bible and it's not by good works.  I'm sure this will be the heartbreaking part in Heaven.  Watching those who thought their good works were good enough - be turned away.  Another question that we discussed was, "how do you think you would respond if there was the choice of reject the Lord or be killed" put before us.  We've had it so easy for so long, but many around the world have been dying for their faith.  We may or may not be faced with that situation before the Rapture.  Will we stand up for the Lord or will we try to save our life by denying Christ?  I know we all would like to think that we'd be strong enough to face the firing squad.  It'll take strength from the Lord though because human instinct is to preserve our own life at all costs. No matter what comes in the days ahead, no matter how much we're despised and rejected, it WILL BE worth it all when we see Jesus!

  So, I got home around 10 and decided to check something on Facebook.  After 3 chats opened up I ended up heading to bed around 11:30!  I haven't gone to be that late since we were in Georgia:).  I tapped Scott on the way by so that he didn't have to sleep in the boys bunk all night.  We talked for a bit and I think it was after midnight when we fell asleep.  I was quite nauseus, but prayed that the Lord would help me to keep it down and fall asleep.  Morning seemed to come really quick and poor Scott was showing his lack of proper sleep.  He headed out after breakfast to do a re-shingling job.  Praying that the Lord keeps him safe and gives him extra energy.  I know I'm really lacking today, but when I'm weak the Lord can show Himself strong.  Praising the Lord for the Beautiful Sunshine today!

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