Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Suprise Visitor

This morning Elyssia answered the phone and then handed it to me. It was my friend from the Hutterite Colony. She said that her husband was bringing her out to visit me! Scott was in town and busy with Blackie and "Callie". The kids were a HUGE help in making sure the house/property was cleaned up in time for her arrival this afternoon. Miriam has talked about visiting for the past couple years. Each time she's wanted to come, something else has come up and she hasn't had a driver to bring her. We cleaned, keeping it in the back of our minds, that she might call and tell us that she couldn't make it after all. Well, right around 1pm she arrived:). I think that it was a nice visit. We served her tea and some of Garrison's applesauce drop cookies that he baked yesterday. She brought us buns from the colony and we sent her home with Raspberry Jam. We talked about all sorts of things and then she wanted a tour of the house:). Good thing we cleaned ALL the rooms(upstairs and downstairs). I'd anticipated this, considering how curious they all are about how people outside the colony live. It's rare that they're allowed to visit non-Hutterites, so we just tried to be a good testimony. She seemed to enjoy seeing the goats, especially the new baby. Overall, the kids were on their best behaviour and even remembered not to interrupt when they were excited to tell her something.

I have to say that "Callie" seems like she might be one of those "screaming" goats that people have posted videos of online. Calico Jack would scream to get the girls attention, so maybe it's an inherited trait. She's super cute, but very vocal, especially if anyone picks her up:). Scott made matching red striped towel blankets for Blackie and Callie and they seem to like them. I haven't had to think up extra activities for the kids today. Between visiting with Miriam and going out to see the goats, the day is passing quickly. We've also had different people asking if they can bring their kids by to see them. We might end up being the local petting zoo:))).

The wind has picked up this afternoon. It's gusing to around 65 mph or so and there are shingles flying off the roof again. Never a dull moment...

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