Friday, April 10, 2015

Milk Maid

It's been awhile and I was out of practice yesterday morning. Blackie was lowering her horns at me:). I obviously need to spend more time with them, now that the weather is nicer. Scott got her onto the stand and she's harmless with her head in the stocks. It went a lot easier(and Faster) this morning and Blackie follows quite nicely when she's done. Sometimes she gets a bit distracted by weeds, but she went into the bigger field without making a break for it:))). She's still quite large, so I don't think she can run too fast. She's producing a good amount of milk and Admiral is quite happy to drink it all.

The last couple days have been wonderfully sunny. It's a bit windy, but nothing too strong. We've enjoyed being out together in the morning before Scott heads to work. Doing chores and watching the goats frisk about. They hop and bop each other and are super happy to explore the hill and little shed.

Last night we received the last attachment for "Stoik the Vast", our Kubota Tractor. It was the snowblower attachment. The guy said, "sorry you don't have any snow to try it out on." Funny guy... I'm not sad about the lack of snow. It was nice having less snow this winter. We didn't have to dig any vehicles out and not too much shoveling of the lane. Next year will probably bring quite a bit more snow, so we're thankful to be prepared, thanks to an amazing gift!

Well, we're pretty much finished with our Friday school assignments! The kids always seem more motivated to finish quickly on the weekend and just received notices for a bunch of library books we ordered. We're planning to feed Admiral and then head in to pick them up. The kids haven't been for awhile, so it will be a nice adventure!

Happy Sunny Friday!!!

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