Monday, April 6, 2015

Resurrection Sunday

We had much to be thankful for this Resurrection Sunday. We're so thankful for the sacrifice that Jesus made in giving His life to pay the penalty for our sins. To think that HE loved US so much that He would suffer so much to die in our place. He took the penalty so that we could be saved and tell others of His desire to save the whole world. Sadly many have CHOSEN to reject Jesus, deny His existence and mock those who follow HIM. HIS love is so amazing! HE continues to love those who deny and reject Him and desires that they be saved before it's too late. We were blessed to worship HIM as a family yesterday and fellowship with others at Caleb Village last night. In between we were blessed with the birth of the last two baby goats. They were quite large, but their mama had the most milk.

Before we left Scott noticed that Cinnamon was still butting Admiral. When we got home he decided that we'd need to take Admiral inside to protect him. He plans to section off a place for him today, unless he can convince Blackie to adopt him. She was crying for Jack, the baby that she lost. We're not sure if it will work, but we'll try.

On a sad note: Scott went out early this morning and found Callie had passed away. We tried everything we could to take care of her, but she might've had the same deficiency as Jack. He'll be talking with the vet today to see if there's an extra booster that the other babies might need in order to get the best start possible. The other 4 are very active and Blackie is producing 2 cups each milking, so that will keep Admiral going, even if we have to bottle feed him for awhile.

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