Tuesday, April 7, 2015

One of life's harder lessons...

Garrison cried when he found out Callie had died the other day. He seemed to form a quick bond with her. I wish that I'd taken more pictures of each of them together. I just wasn't anticipating losing her and missed the opportunity. He came in from chores this morning and there were more tears as he talked about missing her and how cute she was. How she would sit in his lap. Blackie's babies were supposed to be his responsibility, but neither of them lived very long. It was sweet to see Kiersten offering to let him have one of hers. Tonight he had another hard task. He and Scott went out together to bury Callie. It's one of those lessons that you don't necessarily put into your schedule to teach them, but see God working in their hearts through the experience and sad times. Thankful that he has brothers and sisters to gather round and cheer him up:).

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