Monday, April 27, 2015

A "Mostly" Fantastic Weekend

I really need to start taking more pictures, but I'm honestly just enjoying all the family time before Scott gets busy again.

Saturday we had a baby shower at the church for a friend. We had a great time of fellowship and just enjoyed catching up on what everyone has been up to lately. The weather had been quite nice, but then there was a bit of a drizzle on Friday. We drove back home after the baby shower with snowflakes falling! Thankfully the snow didn't last past Sunday afternoon.

Saturday night Scott had an awards banquet. Shortly after he left we had a miniature flood. The upstairs toilet didn't stop running after someone flushed it and we were in the other part of the house when it started. Thankfully Elyssia went back to her room for something and saw the water before it entered the kitchen. I turned off the water, but we used all the towels in our house and still had water dripping into the middle area downstairs. We put some buckets down there and used the blowdrier to make sure the mattress didn't stay wet. Scott says it didn't look too bad when he got home, so we're thankful that there wasn't more damage. We don't have ceiling tiles in the middle area, so no stains there.

Sunday was quite good. The kids were a bit tired from our busy week, but excited to see the new family with 5 kids. That made 20 children who were 11 and under in the service. It went well though. Elyssia especially enjoyed helping with the twins. They're 5 months old and pretty easy going. It didn't take Garrison and Caleb long before they were inseparable from the two boys closer to their ages. Even the 2 year old took a liking to Caleb and was following him around. They asked us to come out to their place for lunch along with another family, so we made a quick trip back to our place to feed the baby goat and then drove out to their place. It's about an hour from our place, but it was a blessing to visit and see all the kids playing together. OUr boys took their walkie talkies and found when we got there that the other boys had some too! They used one set for the cops and the other set for the robbers. We came back with barely enough energy to do the chores, family devotions and fall into bed. Thankfully Scott didn't have to start seeding today and was able to have a more relaxed start to the day.

The kids asked if we could play baseball after doing school and we ended up playing twice:). Caleb likes to try to sneak to the next base while I'm pitching, which makes for some humorous situations. He also likes to slide into the base. Samuel is content to just meander around the field, listening to the birds and exploring some the toys that are "new to him". He's already starting to look a bit brown. The boys were having trouble hitting the ball and got a bit goofy. They switched the bat upside down and ended up hitting with the other end! It made for lots of laughs, which probably just encouraged their goofiness. I was surprised that they hit it more than once like that, but we told them they really can't keep playing that way. They're catching on pretty fast and will probably go into the rotation of family activities over the summer.

Garrison has started a routine with the other kids. They're always asking for tea before bed. I'm usually busy trying to put Samuel to sleep. So, Garrison volunteered to make it for them and now they've come to expect it every night. Garrison told me that he has a "tea habit". We also had extra milk tonight. Scott was teaching me how to make mozzarella cheese, but had to go out to put the goats in for the night in the middle of it. Samuel hadn't fallen asleep yet and I asked Garrison to sing to him while I was stirring the milk. It was the cutest "off key" lullaby I've ever heard:) and he wasn't even embarrassed when Caleb came to see what he was doing. I checked on them when I was able to step away from stirring and found Samuel just sitting calmly in his bed looking at Garrison as he sang. It wasn't long before Samuel's eyes closed and he's been sleeping ever since. It's amazing how much love these kids have for Samuel. He's one blessed little guy. I pray they don't lose that as he gets older and possibly wrecks some of their things, as toddlers are prone to do.

Heading to bed now and thanking the Lord for the blessing of another day with this family that He's shared with me.

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