Sunday, April 19, 2015

A day of rest...

Other than school, we actually had a week of "rest". There were kids with sniffles, some with coughs and many who ended up sleeping during the day. That's quite unusual for the older ones. We have been kept busy with more farm chores than usual and the warmer weather does tend to make us feel a bit drowsy, but these were definitely needed. We've enjoyed some wonderful weather this week and tried to do different school outside, whenever possible:). The 2 oldest kids are doing Math, French and Piano lessons on the computer, so once those were done we tried to head outside. We were able to finish history and science for the year, which was really nice! The boys took their Semester II test and they both got an A. That test came with the course, but I still need to type up the Big Science Test. We should be able to get that done this week. We'll enjoy extracurricular reading on these two subjects for the rest of the year, but no more tests. The kids will continue with the Math, French and Piano through the summer. We'll have breaks when we take family vacations, but try to get at least 2 or 3 of these done each week. The kids are really enjoying all 3, so I don't think it will be a hardship.

Scott took Caleb to church this morning, but I kept the rest of the kids home. We read the Bible, a character building story, a Biblically based Zoo study-getting them ready for the visit this summer:), and learned about the life of Zvi, a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust. Overall, a day to reflect on the Lord, His Word and His will for our lives.

This afternoon we did some experimental cooking. I made hasty pudding, ham, beans and canned peaches and pears. Scott made goat cheese and also ricotta cheese(from the whey). All of it was quite good. We're getting more milk from the goats now, so I'm looking forward to making mozzarella cheese soon:).

Overall, another day to thank the Lord for. We had beautiful weather and the kids are getting closer to the end of their colds. There's another week to look forward to and an evening of family fellowship to enjoy.

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