Wednesday, April 1, 2015


In spite of taking all the extra measures to get "sleepyhead" warmed up and nursing from his mama, he didn't make it. It was sometime between midnight and 3:30. Scott confirmed that Blackie's kids were a boy and a girl. The one that Addie called Sleepyhead was the weaker of the two. He had trouble holding up his head and was slower to stand up. His legs were much longer than the girl's legs and he only stood up with help, about 3 times. Once the girl was out and standing, she stayed that way til we left the barn. I think our kids will be a bit sad this morning, but thankfully it's not like when Sam dug under the house a couple years ago and killed 2 babies. We still have the one and Scott says she's very "vocal". Kiersten had fallen asleep last night before we found the babies, so Scott took her out first thing this morning, while the other children are still sleeping:). She's excited for her goat, Clover, to have her babies. Hopefully that will happen sometime today, since Scott is staying home.

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