Monday, April 6, 2015


Admiral's new mother!

Admiral's real mom didn't have enough milk for two babies and she chose to reject him. Elyssia brought him in last night to protect him and slept on the floor next to him. Scott built him his own little pen this morning in order to protect him from the mama goats that don't want him to come near them. He's drinking the milk that we get from Blackie and is quite happy to have Elyssia feeding him. The other 3 goats are doing just fine with their mamas and we'll leave them to nurse until they're around 3 months.

Today was probably the busiest day of this month. It was grocery day, laundry day, pick up Scott's suit day, get an oil change day, stop by the vet clinic day, contact people day, still feed the kids day, try to help the kids with schoolwork day, plus the barn/animal chores. I told Elyssia it was her "Cinderella" day because she had several of these things to do, plus preparing dessert for the evening meal. I helped her make the "lazy wife cake". We all decided that it should really be called the "busy day cake" because none of us were being lazy, just lacking in time. It turned out to be really yummy and I'm quite sure we'll be making it again:).

The last load of laundry will be switched over to the dryer in the morning, thanks to the kids pulling together to keep it going when I was in town. The groceries were all put away in good time, thanks to some great helpers! The house is mostly back in order after Samuel's 1/2 day without mommy:). He had Garrison and Kiersten taking turns watching him and they had their hands full! He's mischief and a half some days and I think he kept them on their toes today. Kiersten did a great job preparing burritos tonight. Each of the kids loves their turn in the kitchen and it's nice to see how they volunteer to help when they see another sibling is extra busy.

Elyssia has been doing an online math practice program. She's loving it! We thought it would be great to reinforce the 5th grade math skills before she started 6th grade. Some of the concepts were a bit overwhelming this year and this seems to be helping her to become more confident with her ability to do each problem on her own. She asks for confirmation sometimes, but I'm trying to encourage her to just do her best, answer the questions and learn from her mistakes. It's hard for her to get some wrong, but it's good for her to figure out from their examples where she went wrong. It's an inexpensive family plan, so Garrison and Caleb can also do math practice for their current grade levels.

Well, it's been a long day and it's time for me to head to bed. Looking forward to a slightly more relaxing day tomorrow:).

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