Saturday, April 4, 2015

Auction Day = Kinda Free Entertainment

I really should have taken some pictures. Guess you'll have to use your imagination, like in the olden days:). We got up early, completed all our morning chores, ate breakfast and loaded everyone into Big Red. We arrived right around 8:30 this morning and they started the bidding by 9. There weren't quite as many interesting things as other years, but enough to keep our attention. They had some beautiful saddles and we were sure they would fetch a high price. We were pleasantly surprised when they sold for $125.00. We briefly considered buying the second one, but the auctioneer let the same person buy the second one for the same price. So, somehow Scott ended up buying some tack, brushes and a bridle stand for about $30. He figured that we could use some of it for the goats and it's there in the future if Elyssia ever has enough to afford a horse and its feed. There was a man that approached us when Scott went outside and asked if we had a horse. We said no and he asked if we wanted one:). He's from Oyen, Alberta and has 20. He just bought 6 more colts at an auction. He's another "grandpa type" that thinks every kids should have a horse. One of these days I have a feeling I'm going to look outside and see one dropped off in the yard, simply because of those "Grandpa types".

Scott also picked up a ladder for a great price. It's one that'll reach the ridge of the barn and also be handy in changing the yard light. I had my eye on a "butter churn", which actually turned out to be an antique "washing barrel" that they'd mislabeled. An antique dealer bought it for $450.00 and others figured he'd resell it for at least $1,0000. The kids had fun playing with it before it sold though:). There were lots of antique irons, coal scuttles, tools, etc... I bid on an old milk jug, that should still be useful. I got it for under $50, which I'd already decided was the most I'd spend. So, happy with winning my bid and not bringing home a pallet full of junk with it. Many times they lump the whole lot together and it increases the size of the junk pile on the back of the property.

Caleb treated the other kids to hot dogs. He used his birthday money and each of the kids shared part of theirs with Samuel. They were $2 each, so they each ate the snacks that I brought, plus the hotdog, which seemed to keep them full until we got home at 1. Scott headed back to bid on the small plastic grain bin and auger. We visited with some of our neighbors and I think he will probably enjoy visiting with even more people, now that I'm home with the kids. They did really well, but staying til 5 on a cold day would have been a bit much.

The goats are all doing well. Clover is still waiting for her babies and we're hoping that they don't decide to come when we're in church. They'd be fine, but it's nice to be around in case they need help latching on and also to get them cleaned up.

Thinking of all our family and friends celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour this weekend!

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