Friday, April 24, 2015

How much can you?

fit into one week? Hmmm... After this week, I'd have to say, "A LOT". We started out slower with Scott and the kids trying to get over colds. We were still getting through the school assignments and Scott was replacing the last 3 sections on the church roof.

We had 7 loads of laundry instead of 4, which made Monday extra busy.

I usually bake on Thursday, but realized we had more eggs than usual and spontaneously decided that it was time to attempt another angel food cake, or two! They turned out really well and I made a jelly roll with some of the leftover yolks and raspberry gelato with the rest. Yum-O! It was a lot of work, but Caleb said it was the best thing ever:). I love how easy it is to please my boys with homemade baking. They usually like to be involved, which make it more enjoyable.

The weather was gorgeous and allowed for a lot more time outside, which we L-O-V-E.

Scott was able to work up the ground for the trees that are coming next week. He will be seeding, so the kids and I will get to plant them:).

We played a board game as a family each night this week before family devotions and the evening milking. Lots of fun when we get into teams:) The kids are getting really good at this strategy thing.

Kiersten surprised me this week by reading 4 books, mostly on her own! We read a lot and somewhere along the way all the letters she recognized started turning into words for her:). So excited!

We've been getting ready for a baby shower this Saturday, calling and planning what foods to prepare. Looking forward to sitting down and visiting with the ladies and watching the girls play with their friends too!

We had a neighbor drop by unexpectedly. So thankful we'd already done a lot of the Spring yard cleanup:).

Today we went in to get a baby gift and some of the fresh fruit for the baby shower. We saw a friend, made a new one and managed to get our groceries in fairly good time.

Scott was replacing windows at the Legion and I said I'd have the kids pick up shingles while I set up for tomorrow. When I saw the amount of shingles, I knew the kids wouldn't be able to do it on their own. We all worked for over 2 hours picking up shingles and putting them into the trailer to be hauled to the dump. There were still some remnants to rake up tomorrow, but we were so happy to see the last of the big piles gone:). The older 3 were awesome helpers! We were lifting tarps full of shingles and I think we'll have some sore muscles tomorrow:). So thankful for the kids being such great workers though. We celebrated with raspberry pie tonight! Caleb requested it and thankfully the Lord gave me the foresight to make them this morning before we went to town.

I was finishing the dishes tonight when Addie walked in holding Admiral. She somehow managed to get him out of his pen, out of the barn, past the dog and all the way to the house, opening the front door and brought him inside to show us:). She LOVES the little goats! We had a good laugh over it after we got over our astonishment about how she managed to bring him all that way.

All in all, it's been a great week and we're looking forward to meeting a new family tomorrow and visiting with friends twice this weekend.

Happy Friday!

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